Summertime-a themed challenge

I absolutely adore summer. There are certain things which symbolize and signal summer. Lightening bugs (aka fireflies). Strawberries. Watermelon. Blueberries. American Flags. Red, white and blue decor. S'mores. Hot humid weather. Ice cream. Corn on the cob. BBQ's. Going to the lake (I live in landlocked Indiana with lots of lakes). Long lazy days. Reading. Sunglasses. Bathing suits. Picnics. Fireworks. 

So when it was decided that the design challenge theme for June would be summertime, I was super excited. Except that whole lazy days of summer thing does not exist in my actual world...just inside my head. It seems to be more nostalgia than anything else. So far my summer has been full of planning/hosting a high school graduation party for my son, chauffering my daughter to summer school (she is taking her sophomore block classes now so she doesn't have to do PE during the school year), and other various things so that I am completely shocked it's the last day of June. How is this even possible? Luckily Chloe finishes summer school tomorrow and then all she has left is rehearsals and performances of Beauty and the Beast. In my mind, summer starts tomorrow night. 

However, as excited as I was about this challenge, and as many ideas as I had for it, what I actually accomplished is pretty pitiful. I had an idea for a "treasure necklace" full of objects one might find while taking time to slow down and find the beauty in small ways when life has slowed down. It didn't happen. However, I do have a rough sketch and list of objects to include. 

What did I actually have time to do? I tried making headpins with fruit murrini. Due to the shape of the headpins and the murrini, they don't look great. They would be better in a bead with a larger flat surface. First is watermelon


And one lonely slice of kiwi, even though kiwi doesn't say summer to me. It is a nice citrusy lime green color that screams summer and makes me happy: 

And that's it. Because this is an open design challenge to all component makers and jewelry designers, there is more to see. Make sure you see what else people made. 


Rosantia Petkova

My post was about "summer is the sea" but looks like I forgot watermelons - my most favorite! In Bulgaria, we eat it also with bread and feta :) So, I love all the headpins but the watermelon ones really watered my mouth :)


You crack me up. I know its all true, but your deadpan delivery... I hope you get a little sun and like and books and wine soon.

I love them! Especially the kiwi. I don't even like to eat kiwi - but the color!

Lesley Watt

Lol - you are funny...the kiwi is very accurate


I just love those headpins. Those kiwi ones are darling.

Niky Sayers

You know how much I LOVE your headpins so of course I think these are just amazing!!!!


They're amazing Jen... they look so juicy!

Tammy Adams

Sun-ripened fruit is one the best things about summer. Watermelon and berries don't taste nearly as sweet any other time of year. Your headpins are adorable, I especially love the kiwi.

Melissa Trudinger

Really cute, I think they look like (slightly overripe and squishy) watermelons! And the kiwifruit is spot on!

Ann Schroeder

These headpins are super cute! I love them. They make me want a fruit salad. :)

Sarajo Wentling

Time does have a way of getting away from us... summers especially fly by before we have half a chance to enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your head pin adventures. I love the kiwi one! So cute. I love kiwi (although I'm too lazy to bother cutting any up for myself) but they always make me think of my dad who refused to eat them or any other "hairy fruit." LOL.

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