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Lucy the cat Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Gratuitous cat pic... This is Lucy sitting on the new rug I got to replace the one that was completely falling apart, watching the rain and the birds.

The biggest most exciting thing to happen this week is for my son to come home from school for the summer. Because he attends high school in Cleveland and takes advantage of what

Cleveland has to offer, this means he was bored at home within about 48 hours. This is enough to break a mother's heart. But I don't tell him this.

If you remember from last week I mentioned his prom was canceled, but then rescheduled for the last day of school. I had to rely on him getting someone to take a good picture of him and his date. This is what I've got so far:

montessori high school prom photo ethan and gabi

Don't they look adorable? 

The second most exciting thing to happen is I lost two toenails this week! I'm sure you're thinking "Um...Gross?" 

But this makes me feel like a REAL runner! And at least I didn't show you a photo of I texted to my friend and then my husband. LOL! So imagine the little piggies that had none (between the piggies that had roast beef and the piggies that cried wheeee all the way home) and those are the two toenails I lost. 

turtle laying eggs Jen Cameron Glass Addictions blog

We spent a good chunk of the last 1.5 weeks at the lake. We meant to get a bunch of landscaping done, but issues popped up. For example...husband kept having to go into town for meetings and we didn't have our trailer to pick up the soil and mulch we needed. However, a turtle mama was trying to do her own landscaping. 

Unfortunately, our location of turtle egg incubator was found and a raccoon destroyed a couple nests on our property. I was not happy about this. I was having dreams of teeny tiny turtles "running" through the yard. 

turtle eggs eaten by raccoon Jen Cameron Glass Addictions blog

And for some reason, this week I became obsessed with finding the perfect way to organize my life through planners. I go through these obsessions a few times a year. I look through a million pinterest boards, watch you tube videos, do 100's of google searches. I already have a pretty good system in place (that I wrote about here four years ago). However, since then I've started back to school AND we have two houses that I generate to do lists for and my system only works for the daily events that need to be taken care. 

I briefly adopted the bullet journal system a couple months ago, but it wasn't working exactly how I needed it to. But now I've figured out how to get it to work for me. I will be writing a blog post about it later this week in case you're interested. I will even show you the inside....(don't be scared!)

bullet journal Jen Cameron Glass Addictions blog

In knitting world, I made quite a bit of progress on the shawl I showed last week. However, it doesn't look much different as I'm still doing row after endless row of seed stitch of the raspberry color yarn. I decrease a total of 6 stitches over 2 rows. I started out with almost 400 stitches and eventually end up with one stitch. This is not a quick process.... You can find the details of this project in my Ravelry Notebook

I managed to add about 8 inches of knitting to this scarf during a car trip to Indy this week. If you're on Ravelry, you can find the project details on my page here. And if you're a knitter and/or crocheter and NOT on Ravelry, you need to join!

favorite scarf pattern blue moon sock yarn Jen Cameron glass addictions blog

In sad news, I completely ripped out this sock I was working on for my daughter. I was too concerned the yarn wasn't going to hold up to the abuse of being worn as a sock, and is better suited for a shawl or something like that. So I bought pretty much the exact same color, but in a twisted yarn with more strength. 

hand knit socks Jen Cameron Glass Addictions blog

I also managed to snag one of these anniversary kits from Simply Socks Yarn Co (my absolute favorite online and bricks and mortar yarn shops) and went in person to pick it up Tuesday. I can hardly wait to make myself some socks with this yarn!

simply socks yarn company anniversary kit Jen Cameron Glass Addictions blog

I'll tell you a little secret though. I love the bags that are included in the kits. They're my FAVORITE!

I haven't mentioned this here, but our just turned 7 year old Golden Retriever named Nim has lung cancer. This week she has gotten worse. However, she still seems happy and she still plays with our other dog. But I will be shocked if she makes it through the summer. Here she is a few weeks ago after her lung biopsy. 

Nim after lung biopsy for cancer Jen Cameron Glass Addictions blog

Today our youngest is in what might possibly be her final dance recital. It's been a very rocky emotional year for her dance "career." I have very mixed feelings about it. However, she started high school this last week (taking PE and Health over the summer so she doesn't have to take them during the school year) and I'm hoping this is a new chapter where she develops new interests and dance isn't the emotional roller coaster it's been for the last several years. 

I took this pic of her last night as I dropped her off at rehearsal. I glanced at her as she was putting lipstick on in the car as I drove and had this rush of emotions. One of those things that only a parent understands. 

dance rehearsal Jen Cameron Glass Addictions



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