Sunday Chat: What the Heck Happened to May?

Blueberry Pancakes for carb loading before Flying Pig Half Marathon Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

It's been forever since I shared much of anything on my blog. Heck, I don't know if anyone actually ever even reads this thing anymore since I've moved it. The lack of sharing changes today. Look for a weekly "personal" update every Sunday where I talk about random bits and pieces of life that you may or may not care about. 

I recently went through my entire blog post history and deleted a TON of posts that were irrelevant (like contest winner announcements, etc) and some with information that was very outdated, links to places that didn't exist any more, reviews for products that don't exist anymore, etc. It took a long time. However, I found some real treasures in some very old personal blog posts that I had completely forgotten about. Those I kept. Even if they are totally embarrassing.

Because I don't journal with any kind of regularity, that info gets lost forever. For example, I get super excited about journaling. "This is going to be the day I start journaling! I will journal every single day! I will keep it super simple so I keep journaling forEVER!" 

I crack myself up. Because that journaling thing lasts exactly 2 days. If that. And I go through this process like every year or so. 

Anyway, I've been meaning to share some of the details of the amazing month of May. As I've mentioned before, I went back to school to finish a Bachelor's degree. As part of the application process, I had to list and submit transcripts to every college I've attended. IPFW took almost every single credit I've ever earned, which totally surprised me! Especially the credits I earned during the 11 month Surgical Technologist program I did right after high school. I also received credits from IUPUI, IPFW from when I was in high school, and also UNC-Greensboro. 

Only about half my credits count towards my degree, but I still have like 90 credits, making me a senior. Which totally cracks me up because almost all my credits are Gen Ed type stuff, which means it will take me 4 years to finish. Meaning I am going to be a 4 year senior. 

All this to say, I had finals in May. It sucked. HA! The payoff for that probably wasn't worth all the stuff before. So let me back track a bit. I promise I'll come back to it. 

Since October, I've lost around 50 pounds. Just FYI-this is not going to become a blog about weight loss. In case you're worried. Also, my method of losing weight was extreme, and also monitored. It worked for me, but it is only for those who have extreme dedication and willpower. So I'm not even going to talk about how I lost the weight. 

In conjunction with diet, I also began running again. One of my closest friends decided she wanted to do a full marathon. I am not on board with doing a full. Nope. Not happening. Her husband works with my husband. We are all good friends. And another of their co-workers is a HUGE runner and a good friend. He has done a full marathon in every state, plus more half marathons than I can count. We all agreed to do the 2015 Flying Pig. I would do the half and try to dramatically improve my best time, they would all do the full and try to finish.

 Cincinnati Flying Pig 2015 Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Top right: before the race, about 6:45am. It was about 45 degrees F. 

Middle right: I had time to shower and change and meet them at the finish line after they finished the full marathon.

Bottom right: Cincinnati skyline from our hotel room. 

Left: the post race bling.

The best part of the race? I got to carb load for a few days beforehand...after avoiding most carbs for months. That stack of blueberry pancakes at the top of the post? I managed to eat half. And it was glorious. 

running log April 2015 training for flying pig Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

My running log for April. If I hadn't started tapering the week before the Flying Pig, I would have easily surpassed 100 miles for the month. H=hill workout IT=interval training (aka-torture)

My goal for the race was to finish faster than 2:30. Which in hindsight, is kind of a stupid goal. Ok, maybe not stupid, but certainly too conservative. To finish in 2:29, I would have had to run something like 11:23 minutes per mile. But if you look at my running log, even with hills and intervals, cool down and warm-up paces included, my average pace was 10:34. 

Imagine how freaking EXCITED I was to finish in 2:08:34! I ordered the finisher shirt with my time and bib number. I never do that. My average time was 9:49/mile! So I beat my average per mile goal by more than 1.5 minutes/mile. 

Flying Pig half marathon 2015 finisher shirt Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

The design on the front of the shirt is hilarious. 

Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon finisher shirt Jen Cameron glass addictions

So what does this have to do with finals? (See? I TOLD you I would get back to the subject!) The race was May 3. In Cincinnati.

My first two finals were the next day. In Ft Wayne (about 3 hour drive). At 8am and 10:30am. Gulp. It ended up ok. I got A's in both classes. 

Then the next day, I ended up at a Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event and met Andrew Luck. You know? The Indianapolis Colts quarterback?

Andrew Luck Fort Wayne Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event Jen Cameron glass addictions

I'm pretty sure we're besties now. Ok. Maybe not. But I do have a signed football. 

Indianpolis Colts Andrew Luck Big Brothers Big Sisters Fort Wayne charity event Jen Cameron glass addictions

Then my last final was the following day (got an A on this one too). I was SO READY for SUMMER BREAK! My advisor asked if I wanted to take any summer classes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. No.

Then just two days later, we attended a college graduation for my brother-in-law, then when it was (FINALLY!) over, we headed to Cleveland for the weekend for our son's 17th birthday and mother's day.

We got to Cleveland at about 1:30am, even with leaving straight from the graduation. Our son, for his birthday, wanted to start the day out running a 15k (9.3 mile) trail run that started at like 7am. So we had to get up at about 6am to get there in time. After the long drive the night before. Ugh. It was fun. And our son got first place in his age group. Never mind he was the only runner in his age group. LOL!

After we all showered, we headed to Columbus, OH. My family are avid Columbus Crew fans. Eh. I couldn't care less about soccer. But the weekend was so much fun! 

We try to stay at Starwood hotels because of points. So we've seen a LOT of different Starwood hotels. My absolute favorite ever was the one we stayed at in Columbus. It's called Le Meridien Columbus. It's located on an amazing street full of great shops and restaurants and the decor is modern, fresh, with FUN artwork instead of the boring vanilla garbage that's in most hotels. This was our room:

le meridien columbus hotel jen cameron glass addictions

Like two doors down was BLICK ART SUPPLIES!!!! I insisted we get our pic taken in front of it. I'm sure the employees thought I was bonkers.

After doing some browsing, I only purchased a grids and guides notebook because it looked so interesting. If you follow the link, you can click on the photo to see all the different types of pages it storyboards, etc. Very fun! 

weekend in columbus Ohio Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Our son is slightly obsessed with mass transit, so he talked us into taking a bus to the Crew game, which was actually kind of a fun game to watch. It usually is so BORING. Then we ate a super late dinner. The following morning was mother's day, and my darling made brunch reservations for 8am. I was like "WHY SO EARLY???" and he's like "THAT'S ALL THAT WAS AVAILABLE!!!!" ok. So I literally rolled out of bed, threw a dress on, and brushed my teeth. (bottom left photo). 

After "brunch" (is it really brunch if it happens before 11am?) we got cleaned up and headed to Cleveland to shop for son's birthday gifts. We bought a flying pig garden art thingy. Because darling collects the OCCASIONAL pig thingy. 

flying pig garden art jen cameron glass addictions

It currently resides in the foyer with our other flying pig thingy. (The short version of why he collects occasional pig things is that he had his aortic valve replaced in 2010. They used a pig valve, so a pig literally saved his life.)

Flying pig statue Jen Cameron glass addictions

The following week included all kinds of things like another college graduation (our nephew's), our dog having a lung biopsy (she has cancer, which is horribly sad. She just turned 7), my husband being honored for some of the work he does in the community, and our 22nd anniversary. Which we spent part of the time test driving a Dodge Challenger (that's my youngest brother in the passenger seat. He's the salesperson we have to "deal" with. haha!)

test driving dodge challenger Jen Cameron glass addictions

We finally made it up to the lake a few days before Memoral Day to try to get things in order. The boat lift was a drunken mess. We hire someone else to put it in. We got there and it was lopsided and the thingy that makes it go up and down was a tangled mess. On the plus side, the neigbor had a couple dead trees cut down and a wood carver made the trunks into really cool art.

lake house opening indiana jen cameron glass addictions

The weekend of Memorial Day my son was supposed to be going to prom. However, the judge announced the not guilty verdict of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo the morning of prom. So the school canceled then rescheduled prom as the location was about 1 mile from the courthouse. I was already on my way there when they canceled it because I wanted to take pics of my kid and his date. I never got any. Instead we did some other fun stuff like get canolis in Little Italy and walk around Lakeview Cemetery (which is more like a park than a cemetery).

little italy lakeview cemetery yarn bombing canolis jen cameron glass addictions

In knitting world, I've been working on a shawl for a cruise we're going on this summer. Unfortunately I've decided the colors are inappropriate for a summer cruise. It looks too much like autumn. Oh well! Too late now. (If you're on Ravelry, you can see the details here.)

ianus knitting knitted shawl jen cameron glass addictions

I can't even believe we're a week into June already! Or that this blog post is SO LONG!!!! Sorry about that...Ok. Not really. 

One of the things I swore I was going to do over the summer was to clean and organize every closet, cabinet, room, etc. How much have I actually done? The pantry. I removed every single thing (except the foil, plastic wrap, etc....not sure why I left them?) 

pantry organization

Amazingly it still looks pretty much like this after two weeks. 

The other thing I was going to do was read for fun. I did SO MUCH reading this semester for Cultural Anthropology, Art History, and American Folklore, that I haven't read anything for fun since Christmas break. I finally started a new book a few days ago called Primates of Park's written by an anthropologist and includes "fieldwork notes" and anthropolgy references throughout. 

primates of park avenue jen cameron glass addictions

So far I'm about 1/4 of the way through and very  much enjoying other people's version of normal ( version of apeshit crazy).

So that's all the chat for this week. I promise next Sunday will be MUCH shorter! 


Linda Landig

I knew bits and pieces of all this, but when you writ it down in one place like this, its amazing how much you crammed into one month! You def deserve to relax with a good book.


I still read your blog! :)
Loved catching up on some of the details I missed, but we need to make it a regular habit to visit IN PERSON. OVER DINNER. Let's resume this summer, OK? ;)R

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