Super Easy Super Tasty Christmas Treats

Yesterday was day one of our cookie/candy extravaganza. As we were finishing up the first batch of treats (no names), I decided to go all Martha Stewart and share my very own self invented "good things" (I think that's the phrase...) recipe. However, my ideas of how clever I am were dashed to bits when I saw this blog by Kerry this morning. Exchange the almonds that she uses for peppermint snaps I use, and it's the same darn recipe. LOL!
I came up with the idea last year when I was going to do the melt the Hershey's Kiss on a pretzel, then squish on an M&M like my mom likes to make. But as I'm looking for the Hershey's Kisses, I spied the Rolos. Roundish? Check. Chocolate? Check. Caramel? BONUS! But what to squish it with? I didn't want to use an M&M and I LOVE hints of peppermint in chocolate. I don't like to eat candy canes or actual peppermints...just something with a hint of peppermint. I had a full jar of Williams Sonoma Peppermint Snaps at home, so I broke those in half for squishing into the melted chocolate. There are probably other suitable (less expensive) alternatives however.
Basically all you do is heat the oven to about 175 deg., have the kids wash their hands, unwrap rolos, place the pretzels on the parchment paper lined cookie sheet (I hate cleaning up melted chocolate!), then stick in the oven for about 3 minutes. You want it to be slightly soft, but not oozing all over the place. Immediately start squishing the peppermint/almonds/whatever you want into the chocolate. Let cool until firm. I put them in the fridge if there is space to speed the process.Be prepared to hide the container because these are so delicious and so easy to just pop in the mouth.
We will be donating some of our baked goods to the Mad Anthonys Children's Hope House , and possibly taking some to the nursing home where my mom works in the hopes of brightening the day for a few people.
If you try this, you will have to let me know what you think of my "unique" recipe.



Hey, I'm glad you decided to share, because I'd never seen this one (m&m's, almonds, or peppermint)! Looks like a great one for James and Kate to try :)

Veronica Lee

Looks really yummy !

Kristen Andrews

will would love those, 3 of his fav things!


Hi Jennifer! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. Maybe you'll just have to get the printer anyway! Your blog is very nice and I want to thank you for linking to me.Happy Holidays to you and your family!Catherine Witherell

Jennifer Cameron

Angelina, Veronica and Kristen~ you should definitely try these. They are so addictive, it's not even funny. Out of all the stuff we made, they are the only things I can't stay out of. Catherine~thanks for stopping by. I love reading your blog and am happy to link to it just so I don't lose the link or forget to read it. LOL! Happy Holidays to you and yours as well.


Jennifer, these look totally disgusting..says me who only had her first "smore" in Portland this year.Thanks for choosing to follow my blog, I hope I live up to the honor... and also that your heart is filled with peace for 2009...

Jennifer Cameron

They might look gross, but they are so delicious. If you like chocolate, caramel, pretzels and peppermint, these are the ultimate. I had to give them all away so I would stop eating them. LOL!

Pam Hawk

Hi! Thanks for following my blog...This recipe is to die for. I'm one of those guilty parties who also posted it on one of my blogs, only with a pecan half on top of the rolo. I'll have to try the chocolate filled peppermints that you used; that looks soooooo good.Meanwhile, I'm off to read more of your posts! Nice meeting you!Cheers ~Pam Hawk

Jennifer Cameron

That is hilarious! Even when I think I am have an original idea, I don't.

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