Terra Discs

Lampwork discs made with my ever dwindling stash of Terra by DoubleHelix Glassworks. It will be a sad sad day when my last bit is gone because word is it will never be recreated. I better make something for myself with this magical glass before my supply vanishes. Some of these discs will be made into earrings for the art fair. The rest will go into a bracelet or necklace or both. What do YOU think I should do with them?

The interesting thing about these discs is they are all more rainbow looking on one side, and the other side of every single one of them is heavier in the blue/purple range. I absolutely adore Terra.


Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs

Very cool Jen, I LOVE them. I never got to purchase any Terra...I missed out on it, dog-gone-it!!You are going to do GREAT at the show!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks friend! This is truly the only glass I will cry over when it's gone. Well...I suppose if Moretti stopped making Dark SIlver Plum I'd cry over that too. LOL!


Oh those disks are really cool! Great colors! One of my favorite shape too! I do a lot of earrings with them! Can't wait to see what you decide to do! :)Why do they do that? Discontinue making everything that people actually LIKE? It's frustrating...if they kept making it, you'd still buy it right? ha ha So there is an interest! Well enjoy what you have left of it! It's really pretty!

Jennifer Cameron

I am not sure what the whole story is with Terra. I wonder if the makers lost the recipe? I don't have time to keep up with everything that goes on, but I got an email newsletter last week that they mixed up a batch of test glass and would like to know if it looks like they are getting close to recreating it. All I know is I wish I had bought 50 pounds of the stuff. haha!

Robin Koza

These are terrific Jen!! I'm with you on the terra thing. When it's gone, I'll be crying. LOL

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