A Trip to a Local Bead Shop

I drug my daughter to Frisco, Colorado to check out the local bead shop called Luna's Beads and Glass. She wasn't particularly happy about it, but was a good sport. My first thought upon entering the shop was the huge selection of books. I think there was one copy of every beading or wire or jewelry book ever made. the selection of Czech glass was HUGE. I have never bought any before, but I found a particular bead style that made my heart go pitter patter and I bought not one, not two, but 6 strands in various colors of this style. I also managed to score some gorgeous strands of stones. 
BTW, I will be posting a photo and explaining a little bit about my thought process (what little there is!) tomorrow. So make sure you stop by to see the stash.
Even DD got a couple sparkly things. She loves cherry quartz and got a large faceted pendant cherry quartz and a strand of czech glass. 
Now, onto some vacation photos. The boys getting ready to go out skiing. I guess they were taking a break from the hard work of putting all that gear on.
View from the balcony: There were 4 guys on top of the hotel roof shoveling and using an ax on the ice. Apparently we got 25 inches of snow in the course of 24 hours. I thought it was a foot. I was only off by 13 inches. 
View from the balcony: The clouds hovered over the mountain and it was amazing. I admit to being easily distracted to beauty in nature while driving. I could barely stay on the highway on the way to Frisco because I kept staring at the mountains and thinking about how insignificant I felt compared to the awesome beauty of the Earth. Give me a break, I live in an area that a slight bump in the road is considered a hill. It has it's own brand of beauty, but not the "in your face" kind like this. 
I was taking photos of the boys and I think someone was feeling left out. 


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