Valentines Day and Indiana Art Fair Recap

Did you all have a great Valentines Day weekend? Mine was a bit...unconventional... And I suppose it isn't technically over. 

As I mentioned last week, my first show of 2014 started Valentines Day.  It just so happens my husband had to make a presentation about neonatal (newborns) hospital transports to a group in Fishers (a suburban town just north of Indianapolis) the same day my show started.

Our daughter had Valentines Day off school for midwinter break (although, as much school as they've missed, I'm pretty sure they didn't need a break. But that's a topic for a different blog). So we decided to make it a "working vacation." Although, I'm pretty sure our daughter would disagree with us on the vacation part of it. 


Awww! The view from our room. We didn't even ask for a view or upgrade :-) #circlecity #indianapolis #inartfair

The Indiana Art Fair was at the Indiana State Museum, downtown. So we checked into the Sheraton downtown Thursday night and were surprised we had a view of the Soldiers and Sailors monument, and the heart shaped lights in the background. 

And I was up early to take a photo of the sun coming up Friday morning. 


Good morning! #indianapolis #circlecity

While hubs did his thing Friday morning, my daughter and I got ready for the day. Including making a few last minute pieces using enameled discs and murrini headpins. 

Headpins galore plus another layer under the bubble wrap. #glassaddictions #lampwork

And getting Starbucks for breakfast. 

Bored girl.

I was supposed to set up for the show at noon, and was getting a bit antsy when hubs hadn't gotten back by 11:15 and texted him to ask if he had left yet. He calls me back and mentions a blizzard, very low visibility, and slow traffic. I look out the window. 

Beginning of fast falling snow Valentines day, which brought traffic to a crawl and ruined many plans for romantic evenings #indianapolis #valentinesday

I was only a few minutes late. We got set up quickly, but when it came time to put out the inventory, things came to a screeching halt. Because according to my daughter, I was "doing it wrong." She took over while I tried not to act too impatient. 


Someone decided that she's better at merchandising. She's probably right. #indianaartfair #glassaddictions #thisartistslife

She did a great job! We left the museum (big mistake!) to rest and get a small snack. It was still snowing, no plowing, and everyone was excited to get home and start their Valentines Day plans. Too bad it took 40 minutes to go the 1 mile or so back to the museum.

I love these nighttime preview/cocktail parties. It's dark yet sparkly. Everyone is happy to get wine and hors d'oeuvres and for the weekend to start. I took several photos from my point of view that night. 







My helpers went to the mall while I was at the show. 

After the preview party we went to McCormick and Schick's Seafood and Steak to eat. I had cashew crusted tilapia with sweet potato couscous. Delicious! Our poor daughter was horrified that she was out with mom and dad for Valentines Day. She kept saying she felt bad and wouldn't we rather be alone? We kept assuring her that we wanted her with us. We go out almost every Monday night while she's at dance for 4 hours. We sometimes go out for lunch or breakfast. And Valentines day is just another day. 

The  next day was fun as I looked around at other booths (amazing talent!) while my husband watched my booth for me. 

During the slow spots, I knitted on a sockhead hat (link is to the pattern on Ravelry). This is my "checkout station," which I've been wanting to change for a while. I just haven't gotten to it yet. 

Yes, I knit during slow spots of an art show. #knitting

While I was out and about towards the very end of the show (you know...the time when almost everyone has left?) and hubs was watching my booth for me, I took a few photos of the corridors of the museum and "aerial" views of other booths. It really is a beautiful museum. 

Indiana State Museum




Below you can sort of see my booth in the dead center of the photo:


Unfortunately, right at the end of the show, I started Within a few hours I had a full blown cruddy cold. In fact, this blog post has taken me forever to write because I have to keep stopping to sneeze and blow my nose. 

Fresh from the kiln. #lampwork #glassaddictions #thisartistslife

I will be doing a mega photo session for beads and headpins today and tomorrow. Would like to do a large shop update on Tuesday. I will announce it on the Glass Addictions Facebook page, so if you haven't "Liked" the Glass Addictions page yet, today would be a great day to do that. 

Newest headpins. Really love the pop of bright color during this really cold snowy winter. #lampwork #glassaddictions #thisartistslife

Have a great week! 




You are right, that is such a beautiful museum! I had to laugh about your daughter, cause I can totally see my daughter doing exactly the same thing! Hope you had some good sales, and that your cold doesn't last very long.

Jennifer Cameron

Aren't daughter fun and frustrating? LOL!

My cold is on its way out...thank goodness!

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