VanGogh's Irises

Sometimes I make goals that sound good in my head, but don't formalize these goals or take steps to actually achieve said goals. It could be laziness, goofing off on the computer too much, fear of failure or some other equally goal inhibiting behavior. Today I am taking a step to eradicate this behavior. One of my goals for the year was to participate every single month in the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. I view it as a way to not only see what I can come up with using the theme, but also as a way to challenge myself to try new techniques or materials.

This month's theme was based on the painting Irises by Vincent Van Gogh. This is what I came up with. There are 14 of my lampwork beads all using the Spring Violet frit blend by Glass Diversions. That is where my comfort level ended. I decided on a lariat, having never tried making one before. I also incorporated amethyst, peridot and fluorite. Amazingly, I've never used any gemstones in any of my jewelry! I am usually a silver (or copper) with lampwork beads purist with an occassional swarovski thrown into the mix.

I also tried out the Vintaj findings that have been sitting in my studio in the box they came in since about October. They are just stunning! I need to order some of everthing now that I've played with it. I only had two issues with the Vintaj stuff. First is that all the links in all the chain are open, which I admit makes me uncomfortable. Also, the wire is almost too soft to wire wrap. However, I worked around it and can hardly wait to use it again.

It took so long for me to finally sit down and create this thing, that I may have submitted too late. But that's OK because at least I did it and am excited to see what the next challenge theme will be.



Good for you! I read all about that challenge! This necklace is beautiful, you did a great job! :)I have to think WAY outside my box if I want to try to participate in those challenges. :)

Cindy Gimbrone

Oooo! This is just lovely Jennifer and perfect for the Challenge! Glad you've decided to enter each month. I'll look forward to your entries!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! Even though I SHOULD have been on the torch all day yesterday, I wasn't feeling it and really wanted to get this knocked out. I had an idea when I sat down to make it, but it took like 4 or 5 hours. I am so SLOOOOW. I hit a design snag at the end and figured it out when I left to go pick up dinner and kind of rummaged around my brain while driving around. It's amazing how the brain works. Kristen~you should totally participate. You would do great because you make gorgeous jewelry and it is good for us to challenge ourselves from time to time. ;-)


I love the colors and textures! I'm a big fan of Vintaj and find their chain to be quite strong despite the open links.


Jennifer, this turned out great! Congratulations on winning the challenge!

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you so much!

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