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About a month ago, Diana P. realized she was on a mega waxed linen kick and decided to host a blog hop. The requirement being participants make jewelry using waxed linen. I've never used waxed linen before. So I decided sure, why not. So I ordered some waxed linen. I couldn't decide what color to get. So I got all of them. 


After getting all the colors, I was stuck. STUCK. So I started googling inspiration photos. Then I started googling tutorials and stumbled on this easy braided bracelet tutorial. There were three things I loved about this tutorial. #1-easy. #2-the ability to use an art bead or button as the clasp. #3-the design was aesthetically please and easy to wear. Ok. Maybe that is technically 4 reasons....

I decided to do a wrap bracelet. I selected a gorgeous dichroic fused button by Linda Roberts, some purple size 8 matte seed beads, and turquoise waxed linen thread and made this


I was going to do something from my own brain at this point, but this bracelet was kind of addictive and I have a LOT of art buttons/beads. I have a limited number of size 8 seeds, so I picked those first, then the disc by Lisa Peters Art to coordinate, then the thread. 


I originally wanted to make a stack, but they don't look all that great together. Maybe if I had a couple more bracelets to tie the two together. 




That's all I had time to make. These are super comfortable to wear and addictive to make. 

Stop by and see what everyone else made with their waxed linen thread. I'm pretty sure they were more creative than me :-)

Diana Ptaszynski

Kelsy Vincent

Susan Kennedy

Linda Landig

Kashmira Patel

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Vanessa Gilkes

Sandy Huntress

Kay Thomerson

Sarajo Wentling

Kari Asbury

Rebecca Anderson

Melissa Trudinger

Ann Schroeder

Shai Williams

Blanca Medina

Cheryl Brown

Johana Nunez Rivera

Lori Bowring Michaud

Kelly Morgan

Barbara Bechtel

Kristen Stevens

Heather Boardman

Janet Bocciardi

Kathy Lindemer

Lesley Watt

Susan Kolovson

Jayne Capps

Michelle McCarthy

Cynthia Deis

Karla Morgan

Erin Siegel

Becky Pancake

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

Inge von Roos

Carolyn Lawson

Linda Younkman

Sandi Volpe

Toltec Jewels

Michelle Mach

Dorothy Winchell

Darlene Mansue

Have a fun, safe, and sunny Memorial Day weekend!



Lesley Watt

Great design Jen - I'm particularly fond of the the pink/green one - delicious.

Lesley Watt

Great design Jen - I'm particularly fond of the the pink/green one - delicious.

Michelle mach

I love the way you've used the cord with the seed beads. I can see why you made more than one. I'm jealous of your linen cord collection! I have only two colors, purple and turquoise!

Sarajo Wentling

Very cool! Thanks for sharing the tutorial you found... I think I'll try that one! I also love that you just jumped in whole hog and bought all the colors! That sounds like something I'd do.


That deep purple with the turquoise is SUCH a yummy combination. Your buttons are gorgeous, too. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

lisa peters

Jennifer I love what you did with those! Really Really cute!

Linda Roberts

Fabulous! I love what you made with our buttons! Thanks so much for blogging about the waxed linen and sharing the bracelet tutorial. :)

susan kolovson

I love your bracelets! Bright colors and gorgeous buttons. Hope you enjoy wearing them and make some more.

Janet Bocciardi

Awesome job on the colors and just love how the linen plays such an important part of the color story. Love these bracelets!


I like those, I like it's easy, and I can use some disc beads I made. I may just be making these for Christmas presents.

Ann Schroeder

I like your bracelets. I'm going to have to make one. I love the matte purple seed beads, and both buttons are lovely.


I love that tute as well. And paired with those gorgeous beads, it is just a win/win! You could make a couple of non beaded kumihimo bracelets that would stack well with them! :)

Shai Williams

What a great designs to show off those beautiful buttons! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. I can see what folks will be getting for birthdays.

Diana P.

Love them both. You could just go crazy and make tons of these and stack them up and down your arms...at least that's what I'd do. Thanks for participating!

Kari Asbury

Great bracelets! I really love the colors in the first one but I'm partial to purples.

Becky Pancake

Jen your bracelets are wonderful. Thanx for sharing the tutorial. I am going to make one too. You have a great eye for color.

Inge von Roos

I like your bracelets. The beautiful beads make them look great. I used a similar technique to make a necklace. I braids twice between adding beads.

Susan Kennedy

Those are gorgeous, Jen, and thanks for the link to the tutorial! Guess you better get busy making more bracelets!


Gorgeous bracelets, I am going to have to make one of those for my self, so thank you for sharing the tutorial. I love them both, but my favorite is the pink and green one, although the purple and turquoise one is just as pretty, pink and green are my favorite colors.

Kathy Lindemer

I had to laugh at your buying every color. That sounds like something I would do. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I may give it a try. Your bracelets are very cute.

Erin Siegel

Love your braided and beaded wrap bracelets. They look fantastic! These are a great way to use and show off an artisan button.

Linda Landig

OK, you just cracked me up by buying every single color right off the bat. No wading into the pool for you. You just dive right in! This bracelet is really cute, I bookmarked the tute, because I want to make some too!


I like both bracelets, but the green and red one really appeals to me. I really like those colors and the red just makes that green art bead/button pop. These like a lot of fun to make. I'll have to see if I can find a tutorial to try making one. Great job.

Jennifer Cameron

Kay, you don't have to search! I included the link in the post above. But here it is again so you don't have to search: http://www.ialwayspickthethimble.com/2014/03/22/easy-braided-bracelets-b...


The purple and blue bracelet is so yummy! I love it. I had to laugh at your buying all the colors, I have a few but after this hop, seeing all the inspiring designs… I am totally going to expand my collection!

Toltec Jewels

Thank you for sharing the tutorial for the beautiful bracelets! I too explored Pinterest & came across a few bracelets with a kind of braided weave, but couldn't find a tut for them. Your bracelets are more sophisticated than the ones I came across -- LOVE the weave & the art beads! And all the waxed linen -- lol, I laughed with joy -- love it! A rainbow & then... stuck. You're funny! Anyway, you are also an amazing jewelry artist. The linen colors you chose, the art beads, the seed beads -- both bracelets are simply stunning. I'm inspired & grateful. Muchas gracias! And bravo! Happy Hopping! ♥ Rita

Linda Younkman

What great work and I love the technique that you used. Fantastic colors that you picked up as well. The use of the button focal with the waxed linen is great - I have a Lisa Peters Art bead that I was trying to figure out how to incorporate with waxed linen - this has given me some ideas. Great job.

Sandi Volpe

Ok, must go make one now, I love the colors and design, thanks for sharing the tutorial.


I love love love love your pieces!!!!!


Love that purple one!


oops...didn't realize i went anon here...this is kashmira :)

Melissa Trudinger

Love these little bracelets, and you could definitely make a whole armful!!


When I originally commented I clicked the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails using the same comment. Is there any way you may take away me from that service? Thanks! ceccececabcf

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