Well THAT was a big job and that was only Part I

Remember way back on September 6th when I announced the art charm swap and Beads of Courage benefit auction? Yeah, it's a struggle for me too...seems like forever ago. Anyway, over the last few weeks, packages have poured in from all over the United States, plus Canada, England, France and Slovenia. One of my favorite things about hosting the art charm swap (other than getting all these packages, seeing the charms first, etc etc etc) is posting the occasional teaser photo to the facebook group (because the charms are supposed to remain secret until the November 15th reveal).

Charm Swap teaser photo  

art charm teaser photo  

Art charm teaser photo

Or how about the teaser photos with all the charms in ziploc bags waiting to be sorted for each recipient?

Tote full of charms

Charms to be revealed in just a couple weeks....

HA!!! I know. Mean. I can't help that I have a slight evil streak...

I spent all day Wednesday sorting about 500 charms from 38 different artists. Then packaging, labeling and running them to the post office.

So Jen...what did you do all day (other than the usual supermom and superwife stuff)? Oh, just sorted about 500 art charms from 38 artists. Packaged, labeled and shipped boxes to 5 different countries. That's what.


Phew! So glad that part is over. Now I just sit back and wait to hear the squeals of delight as people all over the world receive and open their packages of charms.

Then begins the madness of Part II...which involves audience participation. That means you. And all your friends. On November 15th, we will reveal the charms each we made. And probably the ones we received. And the auction to benefit Beads of Courage begins that day. Which, as difficult as the charm sort and ship is, the auction is even more work and more time consuming as I need to photograph and write the listings for 50+charms.

However, it's totally worth it. Last year we raised $600 for Beads of Courage! I would love to raise $1000 this year....These charms make GREAT gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, hostesses, birthdays, etc. So please save your pennies, and mark the date on your calendar and bid often and bid high. You get art charms, and every penny bid goes to the kids who get Beads of Courage strands.



Yay! can't wait for them to arrive in my box - I must be patient, as it takes up to 2 weeks from you to me (apparently the road is longer one way than the other :) )

Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion)

Same as Alicia said... mucha paciencia required by your international charm wranglers. We will likely be grinding our teeth as you American gals squeal and gush long before WE get that hotly anticipated parcel. But so worth the wait :)

Is there any help we can offer in writing copy for the auction listings, Jen? Obviously the photography requirements are totally in your hands (and your photos ROCKED last year, girl). Just a thought... do let us know if we could offer a blurb you can tweak. Anything to lighten the load :)


how exciting! I might not be getting a box, but I still can't wait to see what is inside!

Susan Delphine Delaney

Jennifer has been an absolute saint throughout this process. She has shepherded us and guided us with patience and tact. She is my hero.

Julie Bowen

Thank you SO much for all of the energy you invested into this, Jen! It was a magnificent labor of love and I very much appreciate your efforts. Beads of Courage is such a special organization!

Your charms are adorable! I love that they each have a unique murrini. As a fellow lampworker I definitely appreciate the care that goes into each murrini and each bead! Fantastic! I'll have to see if I can snag the yellow one. My favorite color!


My first year doing this and I am just amaaaaazed. So much talent. Your charms are spectacular Jennifer. I'm so happy to receive one and the work and hours put into this event has not gone unnoticed. Every time I look at my charm I will think of this day, the talent, and how special you are to do this. I hope your dream of $1000 or more comes true during this event. Thank you


Jen! Seriously, you must be exhausted!!! And you are nowhere near done! Many Many thanks for all your hard work!!!

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