When things just don't go as planned...

Two weeks ago today I had surgery to fix my broken elbow (of course it was my right arm. Yes, I'm right handed. Very right handed). If you don't follow my Facebook page, you may be like "What? Back up!" 


The next day:


I ended up having a huge 40% off sale to make sure I can pay my website fees while I'm recovering. Because my Paypal account was down to practically nothing. FYI~most of my communicating is done on Facebook these days. 

Here's my update from a few days ago:

Well...yesterday was the day to visit the surgeon. And unfortunately I am still restricted in what I can do. I truly believed that healing bones was my unknown until now super power. Not so. I guess it will take me 6-8 weeks like everyone else. 

I am able to use my arm in very limited ways. I can finally put deoderant on by myself, but still need help with my bra. But I am finally to the point I can dress myself other than putting on a bra. I can write. For very short periods of time. Like...to sign my name or something like that. Anything more than that and my forearm feels like it's had a mega workout. 

No torching. No jewelry making. *Sob*

I guess this means I need to face reality. I will not be able to create enough (or possibly any) product to vend at Bead Fest Philly the end of August. I am extremely upset about this. 

I will attend no matter what. After all, lots of my AJE mates will be there. Including Lesley, who is traveling all the way from England to be with us!

The doctor did say I'm doing very well. Everything is lined up perfectly. I can do a limited twist of my hand side to side (the function of the radius, the name of the bone I broke). I cannot straighten my arm or bend it much more than 90 degrees. His biggest goal for me is to work on straightening my arm....ouch. Seriously. It feels impossible for my elbow to straighten. Like there is a locking mechanism sliding into place once I get to a certain point. 

Interestingly I've had lots of people say something about what a bummer it is to do this during summer. Except I cannot think of a single time of year that breaking my arm would have been "convenient" or more desirable. We are very busy year round with various things. Also, I am someone who needs to keep their hands busy all the time with creating beads, jewelry, knitting, etc. and this experience has nearly driven me apeshit crazy (definition #1). And depending so heavily on others to do basic things has been very difficult on my extreme need to be independent and self-reliant.  I admit to crying a few times over the sheer frustration of it. 

Anyway, I am going to attempt to get help photographing and listing headpins. I will announce it on my facebook page. So if you haven't liked it yet, now would probably be a good time to do it. 

Have a great weekend! 




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