Why I Tolerated the Train AND the Cold

Did I mention I don't actually like cold weather? Winter can be beautiful, but it's...you know...COLD. Today was about 1 degree. You know...COLD. I don't ski, but was convinced (begged and pleaded with) to go to Colorado. I keep asking why we didn't go to the beach. Apparently the boys can't snow ski in Florida. Bummer. 
I didn't leave the room the entire day. The wind chill was something like -175 (ok, actually -10 but might as well be -175 as much I like the cold). I looked at our lovely view from the comfort of the room with the nice warm fireplace and couldn't see the mountains from all the blowing snow. But I got more chainmaille done!
When the boys took a quick walk to get a missing ingredient for our dinner while I did the cooking, they got back and insisted we all go on a walk after dinner because the Christmas lights were still on and gorgeous. Grudgingly I bundled up. I am glad I did because it was so worth it.
Really beautiful caramel apple display outside a chocolate shop:
The same chocolate shop:
Flaming stone pillar, disco balls and Christmas tree decorate the bottom of the ski lift:
Grooming the halfpipe for tomorrow:
The kids in front of a frozen pond that everyone BUT the kids were sliding around on. Their parents are too paranoid of frozen kidsicles to allow them on the pond:
Different view of the same pond:


Rebecca Cameron

Jenny-- I love that in the photo of the kids by the pond you can totally tell Chloe's smiling by her eyes. :) And we can't even see that adorable toothless grin! (By the way, Sam lost another tooth, too. We need a photo of Chloe and Sam smiling together!)Have fun and stay WARM!

Wendy - Northeast Arkansas

Jenny what train are you talking about? Did you ride from Indy to Colorado? We're looking at doing that in a year or two, riding through the Rockies. Any info? Or am I thinking about a totally different train? (I am a regular reader at SF.)

Jennifer Cameron

Wendy~we took the California Zephyr (Amtrack) from Chicago to Denver. It's final destination is San Francisco (I think).


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