Handmade Gifts are the Best Gifts


lampwork beads by Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

The thing I most wanted to blog about over the last couple weeks has been the handmade gifts I gave and received for Christmas. I was so spoiled with handmade this year! However, since it's supposed to be better to give than receive, I will start with the handmade gifts I gave this year. 

AJE December Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal

AJE November Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal

Beaded rings by Kristen Stevens. #beadfestphilly

Art Charm Swap Blog Hop and Charity Auction to Benefit Beads of Courage

The day is finally here! 

October Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal


2014 Bead Fest Treasures and Wrap-Up

Glass Addictions (me). Bead Fest. Philadelphia. Booth 473A. Stop by and say hi. Please?

Bead Fest wrapped up two whole weeks ago and I haven't even shared a single photo. I know. Totally not cool. 

2014 Art Charm Swap and Beads of Courage Benefit Auction Sign-Ups


Glass Headpins and Handmade Copper Discs: Kristi Bowman's Earring Designs

Kristi Bowman loves making earrings. In fact, she is a contributor for Earrings Everyday. Take a look at what she's been making with my murrini headpins and her handformed copper discs recently:

August Component of the Month Reveal

I can't remember the last time I made jewelry. It's been a loooong time, though. Partly because I was unable to (I still can't close a jump ring), and partly due to lack of time while prepping for Bead Fest.

When things just don't go as planned...

Two weeks ago today I had surgery to fix my broken elbow (of course it was my right arm. Yes, I'm right handed. Very right handed). If you don't follow my Facebook page, you may be like "What? Back up!" 


The next day:

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