#1 Big Daddies Auto Sale


#1 Big Daddies Auto Sale Simple Fiance #1 Big Daddies Auto Sales(now Simple Fiance) lies,cheats and robs people! F***ING DEMONS Garland but now Plesant Grove(Buckner) Texas!!. This place is absolute horrible in every aspect possible. First I was lied to repeatedly by the car sales men about the warranty. On the second day of having the s**t car it broke down and I went up there and told the female workers that I was told they would fix my car for free for the first three MONTHS! which is a d**n lie! I spent most of my savings for a car that broke down within the first TWO days of having it.Here are the facts so help me GOD-I was told my a female worker that MANY OTHER CUSTOMERS WERE TOLD THE SAME LIE ABOUT THE WARRANTY and there car broke down just as well.-The sales man lied to me more than once! maybe because I am a female and this was my first car(a** holes)-My car had glue and tap all under the hood!! It was missing parts and parts were poorly placed in!- My car broke down ON THE SECOND d**n DAY AND THEY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT BUT FORCE ME TO PAY-SOME of the workers look like they are on drugs and have rotting teeth but you don’t see all of them because they are hidden(my opinion but see for yourself!!!)-My car was left in such bad conditions that when I did take it to a mechanic they said that it was a very poor job how they put my car together and that the insides were rusted soooooooooo bad that there were things that just couldn’t be fixed without spending thousands!- ALSO THEY OVERCHARGED ME FOR A PIECE OF S*** THAT IS NOT EVEN WORTH IT.SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS PLACE PEOPLE AND GET IT OUTTA OF DALLAS.THERE IS A GOD AND ALL THESE PEOPLE WILL PUNISHED FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF COLLEGE STUDENTS, ELDERLY, MOTHERS/FATHER. MARK MY WORDS THEY HAVE IT COMING! This company is now called Simple Fiance located on Buckner in DALLAS,TEXAS. They claim they do a check on the cars but if so why the hell did my car break down in two days and keep breaking down???!! Why did the salesmen lie about the warranty??!! Why Im I paying on a car thats so damaged a good hearted mechanic wouldn’t touch it because they dont wanna watch me spends thousands knowing it will never run correctly or for long?? I told my account manager that the inside of my car was so rusted and damaged that it would cost thousands to fix and in turn has permanetly damaged portions of my car SHE REPLIED WITH “Sounds like you have cosmetic issues with the car?” My jaw dropped from hearing her stupid reply, I felt I was talking to a woman who suffered from some degree of retardation to say the least. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD….. BIG DADDIES AKA SIMPLE FIANCE IS A JOKE AND ALL THE WORKERS ARE LOW LIVES WHO GET OFF ON RIPPING OFF PEOPLE. MARK MY WORDS THEY ALL HAVE IT COMING TO THEM!

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