I ordered what seemed to be a great deal for three of my grandkids for Christmas. I did one order for all three items, all with the same address and billing information. They decided to ship the three items at the same time, but in different boxes (so they can stick you with more shipping charges I’m sure). They didn’t ship them out when they said they would so, #1, they were late for Christmas. The day after Christmas I checked the tracking information for one of the items. It was stated that UPS was attempting to get an alternate delivery address, and that 1saleaday.com decided to not email me for a different address. No, they requested the item be returned to them. The very odd thing is that the two other packages were shipped on the same day, and were delivered at the same time the other package would have been delivered. So here I have two of the items and one that is being returned to 1saleaday. nI immediately contacted customer support and was told that once they received the package back that they would ship it out again. After waiting almost 2 weeks to receive notice that the item had been shipped, I instead received an email that they received the items in their warehouse, but that their system did not support re-shipments at this time. WHAT??? nI dug out my bank statement to find a contact number (because the one on their email does not work), and called the customer service department. As if I wasn’t upset enough, the CSR had me on the phone for nearly 14 minutes while ignoring me for over half of the time. I asked questions, she wouldn’t answer. I requested a contact for a manager, she ignored me. I have never been so furious in my life. I am the customer, and am only asking for an explanation. She hung up on me, and then called me back, still without any additional information. I will never be dealing with these people ever again.

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