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1ST Stop Car Shop Deceitful Used Car Dealer Ripping Off Customers By Selling Unsafe Vehicles That Could Result In New Owner Getting Injured Or Killed In An Accident Beach Lake, Pennsylvania!!. I want to file this report with Ripoff Scams.com to have action taken against the 1ST Stop Car Shop for their deceitful business practices of ripping off their customers in car sales procedures. If you review the documents attached you will see that I tried everything humanly possible to make sure that my father didnt get ripped off by this organization but they still took advantage of him and that is not right! I even went with my father during the Road Testing of the vehicles and tried to make sure that he would not be buying a piece of junk as his next vehicle. The first vehicle (Ford Pick Up Truck) failed the Road Testing and inspection procedures miserably and when I pointed out to the Salesman the deficiencies he still allowed another person to take an unsafe vehicle out on the road for Road Testing which jeopardizes the safety of everyone else driving on the highway as well as the person who is Road Testing that vehicle. The 2nd Vehicle that we Road Tested was the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 which did alright on the Road Testing but still had some deficiencies that I specified needed to be corrected before the vehicle could pass the Pennsylvanian State Safety Inspection. The Salesman was sarcastic towards me when I was pointing out the deficiencies on that truck as well indicating that those deficiencies were not that serious. I informed him that I was a US Army mechanic for 20+ years and wanted to ensure that my father did get a Road-Worthy vehicle so he agreed to call his boss to arrange for those deficiencies to get corrected. When the Final Sales Paperwork appointment was set my father and I went to that shop in Beach lake and told them what was wrong and what had to be fixed to make it right for the sale to be considered complete. The boss agreed to those terms and stated that he would get the truck repaired to our request. We had to set up another appointment for this process to happen and when the repairs were completed, he called my father to tell him to come pick up the truck. However, when my father picked up the truck the windshield was cracked and the evidence was there that showed sloppy repair attempt was made to fix the speedometer and odometer. There are Federal Laws and State Laws that prohibit the selling of a vehicle with known speedometer deficiencies especially when the dealer is providing the Speedometer Statement showing that the reading is the actual mileage on the vehicle when in fact that speedometer is inoperable. Federal Speedometer Laws: search.dmv.org/dmv/federal-odometer-statement and www.odometertampering.com/Federal%20odometer%20criminal%20statute.htm The Pennsylvania State Speedometer Laws: search.dmv.org/dmv/pennsylvania/mvr-report, www.legis.state.pa.us/WU01/LI/LI/CT/htm/75/75.htm, www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/pa_forms_manuals/pub_459.pdf, and www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/vehicle_code/chapter47.pdf My father has refused to drive that truck for any distances further than 10 miles from his home due to the fact that he never wanted to be ticketed for speeding in that truck. He has put less than 250 miles on that vehicle since buying it because of the mechanical problems this truck has presented to him. It is also illegal to sell an unsafe vehicle to a elderly and disabled person because that person must be capable of maintaining control of that vehicle. The 1ST Stop Car shop just does not care about the customers and only continues to rob them of their money by selling them vehicles in disrepair or unfit for safe driving on the highways. The dealer is denying the fact that their mechanics caused any further damage to the vehicle when I have proven to my father that they did cause further damages to his vehicle. The Speedometer and Odometer were not fixed, the heater and Air Conditioning has been disabled and the electrical circuitry under the dash board has been compromised to the point that nothing in the dash panel works any longer. The two tires that were promised also were not furnished. The body work that was agreed upon also was not taken care of. This dealer is knowingly putting innocent people behind the wheel of vehicles that they know have mechanical faults and have no concern for the customers safety or likeliness of those vehicles possibly breaking down or possibly causing an accident when something malfunctions on those vehicles. This dealer needs to be closed down before they end up selling a vehicle to a person that could possibly kill that person or some other innocent driver on the highways. My mother knows of 2 other customers of 1ST Stop Car Shop that was cheated or deceived by their crooked procedures to cover up damages to vehicles to enable the sales process to be done. My brother and I worked on that truck to try to repair some of the problems that were there but the electrical wiring harness and components under the dash have been seriously dismantled, cut, and parts missing which made it uneconomically repairable because of the extent of the damages that was done by the repair mechanic who tried to fix the speedometer. My brother and I replaced the muffler system and brake linings on the truck to make it drivable. The transmission also had a slipping problem that we tried to repair by doing a transmission filter change and new fluid but apparently the servos and bands in the transmission were already worn to the point that the transmission is no longer capable of performing to required standard. The body work that was required to be done to enable the vehicle to pass Pennsylvania State Safety Inspection was not provided as agreed upon by the 1ST Stop Car Shop. My father had to buy the required metal, rivets, and body cosmetics to enable him to do all of the body work on the vehicle to make it capable of being inspected and passing the inspection. I have many attachments that pertain to this situation which I would like to share that will provide proof that those problems really did exist. Please review these documents and take action against this dealer before someone gets hurt or killed from driving an unsafe vehicle from this dealer. The actions towards my father as a customer by the 1ST Stop Car Shop is really criminal in nature to be taking advantage of an elderly and disabled man that is trying to survive and own a decent and reliable vehicle. This dealership needs to be completely investigated for all aspects required in maintaining a dealership. Any infractions to the Federal Laws, State Laws, and dealership requirements needs to charged against this dealer and result in the loss of dealership license.

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