22 Entertainment Santa Monica California Review


22 Entertainment is a FRAUD production company that has fake credits on IMDB and they have no connections, no money, no investors, no industry experience nor knowledge. Their resumes includes films, TV shows, and other projects that doesn’t even exist! They say that it’s projects that they’re CURRENTLY working on, but who puts unfinished projects on their resumes? Megan Marie, their so-called publicist, has no credientals, no work history of any kind to get her a position like this. Even if she is a legit publicist, she’s the worst! All she does is post on the IMDB message boards for their pages about how wonderful they are and how great of a job that they’re doing in the biz, and etc. With nothing to back it up to prove it! Betty Miloscia is an idiot! This so-called office manager, is rude, and post on IMDB message boards trying to pretend to be someone else to talk about how great the Peden’s are. She even post that she’s under 18, when in real life, this woman is a grandmother. Dana Peden claims to be a successful international model and actress, yet her demo reels consist of nothing more than her showing off for the paparazzi and talking about how great 22 Entertainment is and how successful she is in the biz! Dana Peden is very ugly as she has no figure, no breast, no sex appeal, NOTHING! She has no talent. She can’t even handle working on a professional film set because she has an attitude problem and expects things to go her way. Sean Peden is a sexual predator that takes advantage of young girls and makes them huge promises to make them rich and famous. Sean Peden looks like a hillbilly inbred from horror movies like “Wrong Turn””. He carries himself very feminism like a girl

walks like one

and runs like one. He’s gone through life being bullied and could never stick up for himself. He’s a fat slob and his body is very sloppy looking. His face looks very disfigured

he’s so ugly that his parents should have aborted him as it would have saved him a hard life of being a reject and being bullied. Sean has no experience in the entertainment biz and has no projects under his belt. His projects that he advertises has no financial backing and no scripts! He’s such a weird person that women don’t like being left alone with him in the same room. Sean claims to be a 2 Time Emmy Award winning director

yet his demo reels consist of news footage. These people get involved with film projects just to rip people off. They make huge promises of getting A-list talent and get millions invested. Their idiot of a publicist always wants a $5 grand deposit for them. Who would do that for people that have no experience? They always want money to be given to them so that they can do things like book talent

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