24 7 autosales


24/7 autosales This lot deliberately covered up a problem with the transmission and failed to disclose the salvage title and that it was a rental car. Old Hickory Tennessee!!. This dealer was previously working under another dealer name and they were shut down due to frequent complaints and police reports. You need to avoid this lot at all costs. I know their deals can be tempting but remember that the cars all have salvage titles, meaning your insurance will greatly increase. Also, most of these cars were at auction due to problems that could not afford to be repaired. They trick you into signing a bill of sale that has “as-is” written in the fine print. They have a lawyer who was a senator for the state and they have political power to shut your claims down. I tried to file legal action and I recieved dozens of calls/threts from state senators offices and lawyers. If you were scammed by this lot, please do what I did and report them to the Tennessee attorney general. The more reports they get they will get shut down again. The best way to shut this lot down is to just avoid buying from them. If you do, they will stop scamming people because they will run out of money.

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