4BROTHERS TRUCK CTR Emerson Bento MILBURY, MASSACHUSETTS ON ROUTE 20 MILLBURY, Massachusetts!!. I took my Ford L9000 truck to this shop for oil leak repair and the mechanics, Mr. Kabesa and Zack told me they are going to do the whole engine repair for $ 2200.00 for labor and they are going to paint the engine to look like new if I buy the parts and paint from caterpillar. The owner of the shop came later and told me that it is also important to do the transmission gaskets the same time to make sure everything is done instead of coming back again for transmission leak and it is cheaper because it is not double job. I ask him how much will that cost. He told me he is going to ask the mechanic to give me a fair deal because they are taking the engine out they can take it out with the transmission. The mechanic told me the whole thing is going to be $ 600.00 more so the total will be $2800.00. I bought the parts and the paint. My truck was there for a whole month and the time they finished the engine, the transmission was not touched and I could tell the transmission doesnt have any oil leakage. I asked the mechanic to check if we must change any gasket on the transmission but he said no, we can just wash it and put it back because it seems like the oil that was leaking from the engine made it look like it was leaking too, but it looks fine. So nothing was done on the transmission that was charged $600.00. I had given the owner of the shop Mr. Emerson Bento a $ 2,500.00 dollars and I was to pay a balance of $ 300.00 for the engine and transmission labor. But since the transmission was not touched I expected him to give me back $ 300.00. I have another truck that Mr. Emerson knew from the previous owner who use to take it to his shop for repairs and he asked me what I want to do with the body work that it needed, he told me he have somebody who is repairing the truck out side his shop and he can do mine too. We drove to the place where my truck was, him and his mechanic Mr. Kabesa so that they can explain to the person how the truck is and where I keep it. The repair mans name is Aurelio, of 301 maple street, Marlboro, mass, phone 774 244 7335 He said he will be coming to work on the truck that was in Mr. Emerson shop so I can bring my truck there for him to see and fix if possible. Mr. Emerson told me how that guy does a good job and he does not over charge so I should not worry he will let me know how muck the guy is asking for. I did not ask my $300.00 because I thought the truck will need some money too and I did not suspect anything bad to follow. The truck that was repaired did not go to work because the ejectors didnt work well I took it to the dealer and the money they asked me was too much. When I called Emerson he started telling me I took my truck to other people so he can not be responsible and he can not do anything to it. I asked him, can you give engine warrant for one month or two? On 31st august he sent me a message on my phone saying: I just let you know that you are paying 150.00 dollars storage on the Volvo since the time you sign on the work order per month. On the 14th Sept. he sent me another message saying: Another weekend. I went to his shop on Saturday the 15th and started the truck, Emerson asked me to sell that truck to him and before I bought, he was the one who promised the previous owner that he will buy it from him only to back up the last minute and the guy needed the money. I asked him what he was telling me and he said it is because he doesnt know how long the truck will be there and I told him I am taking it. Emerson told me I owe balance and I cannot take my truck from there because I left it to secure the balance. When I had that, I decided to make a report to the police because that is not true, I called Worcester police at 6.03 pm and they told me they are dispatching an officer. The officer came and after I gave him the story and he gave his, the officer asked what was done on that truck and Emerson said he worked on another one. Emerson took the officer in his office to show him something, when the officer came out he came with a copy of a bill that I never saw before. The bill was reading $ 4000.00 labor, kerosene and brake cleaner $ 240.00, where on earth do people get charged what they use to clean engine and is part of the garage service, oil for $ 134.00 and I bought oil and antifreeze my self, everything totaling $ 5,233.69 minus $ 2500.00= $2737.58 The original paper work by hands from the mechanic and Emerson is available and both mechanics who deed the job are available to testify. My truck is still in his shop and when I went to start the mechanic had to come and put a part back that was taken without my knowledge. I to the officer but English is not my first language so may be he did not understand me well. Otherwise he could not have left the truck in his shop if nothing was done to it and no agreement to secure any balance. (((REDACTED)))

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