4XTream Roofing & Contracting Fort Worth Texas


Complaint: Do not let the color matching tees fool you. Dealing with Kenneth Patton and his company 4XTream Roofing & Contracting LLC have been a nightmare since we hired them, reffered by a mutual friend… Project according to Kenneth Patton was supposed to last from 2 weeks to a month. Three months later project was not complete and both Kenneth and his company are nowhere to be found. Used rain as an excuse for initial delays even though 90% of scope of work was inside the house. Initially Kennth Patton and his crew were all smiles. Once payment was received to start renovations the smiles turned into tardiness, bad craftmanship, Etc. Kenneth Patton ignore multiple request to walk the property with us to check work performed, ignore multiple emails, texts and phone calls with issues we were having with both his crew and their craftsmanship (have copies of emails and texts from him and his crew). Charged us over +$1,400.00 to tarp the chimney (unauthorized work) because according to them was leaking and used NAILS to hold the tarp damaging existing shingles (NAILS?) cost of the unauthorized work: $1000.00 plus +$400.00 u201croofing labor minimum”. Had to hire roofer that told us that the only damage he found were the damaged shingles

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Address: new roofer told us that $1000 the amount he usually charged to cover an entire roof

Website: his response was u201cthe water line is holding

Phone: u201cpeak of reliable roofingu201d

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