5 Star Management, Paradise Enterpirses Moscow Mills Missouri


Complaint: I was dumb enough to fall for their line. 5 Star management promised me $36000.00 p/yr M-F 9-5 as an OFFICE MANAGER. I left a fulltime job with benefits for this garbage. I went to the GROUP INTERVIEW… and I had to call DAVID back at a designated time to find out if I was hired. I met David, April and Jenny at the Bridgeton location. I had to be paired up with a guy I never met, go in his vehicle to very unsage arears in St. Louis( downtown, Pine Lawn, Beverly Hills) and rite by the arch. I had to walk up to complete strangers at carwashes, bus stops, and popular grocery store parking lots and try to spray them with knock off colognes and have a 30 second scripted speech to try and get them to buy this crap for $27.00. That was day 3 of the training. Needless to say that was the end of my “career”” at 5 Starr management. This company lies. I have filed papers with the BBB and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. And today

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Address: the kicker is… I just got a phone call from Bianca @ Prestige Fragrances to come in for an interview for an Office Manager position starting immediately. What a joke…. Please learn from my gigantic mistake and DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR MISTRUTHS.”


Phone: Kisker rd st. charles, Missouri United States of America

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