6423 Grand Marina Circle Gainesville GA 30506


6423 Grand Marina Circle Gainesville GA 30506, owned by Moira Fowler a citizen of Ireland who thinks she can do whatever she wants to Americans and is above the law. She is a licensed California real estate agent who knowingly rents and rerents her house at 6423 Grand Marina Circle Gainesville GA 30506, in the Marina Bay subdivision in gainesville GA that has been documented to have TOXIC MOLD. Even though her husband died of CANCER while living in this MOLD INFESTED home, now that she has moved out and she too has developed CANCER. Even though she has seen what has happen to both her and her husband with CANCER she continues to rent this contaminated house to any unsuspecting person who would rent it. SHE is a SICK person with no morals, loves money and will take your money and not care about your health. When we showed her the certified laboratory reports stating that cancer causing mold was found in the home, she said “too bad just move out and don’t look to me for any money”. When we tried to sue her for the surgery my son had to have due to mold exposure, $18,000.00 plus whatever a 14 years pain and suffering is worth, our move our $5,000.00 deposit and $3,500.00 rent, the $85,000.00 for the remediation of our personal contents she hide herself from lawsuit services and told everyone she had moved back to Ireland to avoid suit. To tell you what kind of person she is, prior to the mold discovery she bragged to my wife and myself how she was rich, had spent a fortune for her cosmetic surgery went back to Ireland and tried to steal back her high school sweetheart from his wife and 5 children. This is a SICK person with a SICK home, fraud and deception is her ticket into your wallet. DO NOT BUY or RENT this home if you care about your life your health or the the life and health of your loved ones.

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