6th Planet Used Parts


6th Planet Used Parts Saturn Used PartsJoseph Cutrome Never sent parts, refused to send refund North Port Florida!!. I located the website 6thplanetusedparts.com while trying to find parts for my son’s car. I contacted the number on the website and Mr. Joseph Cutrome called me back that same day. As he responded in a timely manner to my request for parts, I had confidence in him at that time to place an order. Therefore, I ordered parts in December 2018 for my son’s car. Mr. Cutrome requested a check by mail for $172.50 for the parts, which cleared my bank on 12/22/2014. By the first week of January, I had not received the parts, so I contacted the owner who gave the excuse that he had been out of town for Christmas and would take care of it when he got back in the office. I had requested a tracking number for the package from the very beginning so that I would know the parts had been sent. I have repeatedly attempted to contact Mr. Cutrome by phone, eight more times to be exact, and the three times that he actually answered the phone he either gave the excuse that he was out of town or his secretary forgot to send the tracking number or his employees could not find the parts and he would take care of it himself. I am constantly given excuses. I have also attempted to send emails that have received no response. I have repratedly requested a tracking number for the confidence that he had actually sent the parts. After months of not receiving the parts I paid for, I began requesting a refund as i have never received any parts, but he now refuses to return any phone calls or emails. I only want my parts or my money back. I have informed him that I was going to take steps to report him if I did not receive either in a timely manner, and as I have received neither the parts nor a refund, I am now reporting him to the Better Business Bureau in North Port, Florida, the FTC, and now after finding other reports of his fraud, I am considering pursuing criminal charges.

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