$920!!! Copay for Three Hour ER Visit


I have had NALC Health Benefit for two years. They are great with office visit and prescription copays. I had to go to an emergency room recently when I was very sick, and in coughing I passed out, hit and cut my face. I was in the ER three hours, had x-rays, CT scan, tetanus shot, 2 IV antibiotics, and blood work. The total bill was over $7000!!! and was billed by many hospital entities.

My COPAY WAS $920!!! for three hours! They did not even address the cut on my nose. The last time I had to go to an ER was nine years ago with chest pains. That hospital kept me for observation for 23 hours, provided IVs, did a EKG and a stress test. My copay was $150!!! For a 23 hour stay with many tests vs. $920 at a different hospital for 3 hours of care. I CANNOT WAIT to switch out of NALC during the next open season. God forbid I get a major illness. I would likely lose everything.

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