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95.1FM The Best Mix which is a radio station based in the island country of Trinidad and Tobago in the northern capital city of Port-of-Spain is to be hereby known as a condemned, denounced and blacklisted radio station. The reason for this has to do with the fact the this radio station is artificial and shallow when it comes to “entertainment”” that it plays in its airtime. It is only a “”copycat”” radio station lacking novelty and originality in its presentation. The presenters for example feel that by copying the American accent in their presentations over the radio that this means they have achieved some measure of superiority while failing to realize that they have only achieved shallowness and superficiality in the process. Such can indeed be labeled for this station. They are what we might term “”America worshippers”” as if everything in America is “”paradise”” while at the same time unpatriotic to their very own country that they live in. Even Americans who live in America will tell you that their land is not always a paradise as many outsiders suppose it might be at times. This report is not against America but against cheap artificial sellouts which are found on this radio station and it for this reason that strong condemnation must be levelled against this radio station and its presenters as a whole.”

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