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PLEASE DO NOT BE PART OF THE PROBLEM BY COMING HERE AND DISRESPECTING THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORS AND THE PEACE AND ENJOYMENT OF OUR HOMESOwners of the property at 971 E Comanche Circle have been found in violation of the city code for Non-Permitted Use of Residential Zones in the past. Currently, there is a court order against several individuals to CEASE ALL RENTING of 971 E Comanche Circle as a short term rental/vacation rental.u25cf The increase in traffic, strangers and noise created by loud groups of vacationers has damaged the sense of security and quiet enjoyment of this neighborhood. As you can imagine, it is difficult to live with the constant flow of strangers, ranging from 15-35 people, who are in the frame-of-mind to have as much loud fun as possible while on during their stay. This sort of behavior is OUT OF PLACE in this otherwise quiet cul-de-sac.Nobody would choose to live near a house that is constantly having large groups/parties that disrupt an otherwise tranquil, low key community. That is exactly why the city has an ordinance against it. Please consider the distress that these ongoing violations have caused the surrounding neighbors and their children who call this neighborhood their home. u25cf THE NEIGHBORS ARE OFFERING A REWARD FOR FUTURE VIOLATIONS! People who have paid to stay at the property (and their guests) who provide information regarding the short term and/or vacation rental of this property may collect a cash reward which will be paid by a group of concerned neighbors. Your information will help more people than can ever thank you personally, but please know the difference that you will make in the lives of many affected families. u25cf All information provided will be forwarded to the Washington City Prosecutor, Chief of Police and City Code Enforcement. If you would like to provide information anonymously or ask questions about the violations referenced in this notice, please contact Officer Hendry with the Washington City Police Code Enforcement at 435-986-1515. u25cf The reward amount will be based on the number of individuals who provide information as well as the usefulness of the information provided.

971 E Comanche Circle Washington, Utah USA


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