A-1 Smog & Repair Center Review


I had a breakdown and towed to A1 smog in Redding. I was told fuel pressure was low and needed to replace the fuel pump, the module, and filter so they could do a diagnosis. Price 1,200.00. Truck still did not run right but was able to do diagnostic. Was then told the PCM was bad another $1,000 dollars. | They ordered the PCM and was told it would take 3 weeks to get to them. I got a call from A1 two days later telling me my truck was fixed, didn’t need the PCM after all? They insinuated they found debris in my throttle body cleaned it for free and was my fault but ready to take home. They boasted that my grill was loose and they fixed that for free. | They drilled holes through my grill frame and put black wood screws and told the wife I told them they could. Made it home but the truck would not start again. I did not trust them to take it back so I took it to Tuckers Motors a mechanic that I and is well trusted. He determined the new fuel pump was aftermarket and had failed and gave me a big discount on the diagnostics. | Tucker’s intention to save me money called A1 smog and they agreed to come to pick it up and do the warranty work. They insulted Tucker by saying they would take it in and see if his diagnostics were correct and if it needed more work. I got a call from A1 the next day and was asked if I had put in the rail pressure sensor. I told them I did. | He then replied it was leaking fuel all over the engine and he had taken a video and I had installed it wrong!! When they picked it up from Tuckers it was not leaking before or after he worked on it and I had installed it correctly!!! The chances all these parts fail at the exact same time is questionable. They still have my truck and the saga continues.

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