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11-02-2018 On 10- 20- 2011. I took my car to A & B Transmissions, Inc. on 13620 Evergreen in Detroit, Mi. I talked to the manager Joe. We drove around to test drive the car because it would become sluggish while I drove it. Joe told me that he would give the car an inspection and would give me a call after he was done After a couple of hours and I was told and I have it in writing that he was suppose to Remove and disassemble the transmission .Inspect all internal transmission parts and reassemble the transmission. I gave him permission To do all of that for $ 300.00 the following day Joe called and told me that he fixed the transmission and the Transfer case motor and if I got my car fix there that would go towards the total balance of the job. He also told me that I could pay in installments. I had my man go talk to Joe because we thought the price was outrageous he talked to Joe and Joe talked to the owner and $100.00 was taken off. My man Mr. Willis asked Joe after fixing this I problem with the Trans and the transfer case would the problem be solved because the car was an older car and he didnt want to put any more money into it because he already felt it was too much to pay. Joe told him that the shop solved the problem and we didnt have anything else to worry about. I picked up my car Friday at 5:30 and the shop closed at 6:00, I asked Joe when I saw the invoice that he told me that he had worked on the transmission and the transfer case motor. Joe then told me that he told me that he never did anything to the transmission and that he works on the case motor and transfer case overhaul kit and the rest of the money was labor. He told me that they checked the transmission and it was o.k. I told him that he didnt tell me that and we disagreed with each other I asked Joe what was the warranty on the work he told me that it was covered for six months or so many miles, then said if I have any problem with the truck that their shop would honor what they fixed to just bring it back, I called Joe and told him I was having problems the exact same problem with the car Joe told me to bring it in so they could take a look at it. I didnt take the car in because I didnt have a way back home and the shop didnt have any one to bring me back home. My man Mr. Willis took the car in and within 30 minutes Joe called back saying it was the transmissions and I told Joe thats what he told me that was the problem in the beginning and thats what he was suppose to be fixing then. He told me thats not what he said. I asked to speak to the owner and was told he wasnt there and I asked for the owner telephone number and was giving the shop number and I talked to the owner daughter she was at the front desk and told me that her father would call me and that he didnt have an business number. Its was another customer in the shop at the time and told me that they told her one price and then changed it to another price and we exchanged numbers. I left the business the customer told me the owner had just came in the back of the shop to pick up cars and I asked him was he the owner and he reluctantly said yes and asked me what was the problem I told him he told me that he would talk to Joe and he would call me back in an hour. He never called back he had Joe call to tell us that we could bring in a transmission and they would charge me $250.00 more. We asked to speak to the owner and were told he was too busy to call back. The other customer that was in the shop called me and after giving them 1600.00 her car still didnt run. So both of us are filling complaints on the company together and Nate the owner told me he was with the better business bureau.

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