A Better Choice Estate Sales Review


BUYER BEWARE….A Better Choice Estate Sales IS A CRIMINAL SCAM GROUP. We failed to do our research before contracting with this company and the owner Lynda Lastinger to conduct an estate sale for us in July 2017. The company owner is Lynda Lastinger, and to my understanding she has changed the company name more than once in order to continue scamming people. Lynda appeared on the surface to be trustworthy, but once the sale ended, her and her crew quickly packed up their things and disappeared. The contract we signed with her stateed that she had 21 days to deliver a detailed account of the items sold along with our sale proceeds. But after the sale, it became quickly apparent we had been scammed. At first, when we called, she made excuses for the delays and once she even said the check’s in the mail. But after the 3rd conversation with her, she stopped answering our calls and to date, we haven’t seen a PENNY. She vanished. We have tried multiple methods to reach her (phone, e-mail, text) and she has refused to respond to us. She stole all the money generated from the estate sale in the amount of thousands of dollars; everything my parents owned! | When we looked up her address on the sales contract, we discovered it was the address for a grocery store, not her place of business. An internet search revealed multiple accounts of other people she has robbed. According to the police department this crime is called Theft by Fraud, a felony in the state of Georgia. This is not a singular offense. She is robbing people every time she conducts an estate sale. This company is despicable, Lynda is a criminal, and her and her co-workers are preying upon the elderly and families who have lost loved ones and need help liquidating an estate. How heartless is that? I would have much preferred to donate every last item to charity than to think that this evil person got every dime from my parents’ property. We have retained an attorney and have filed criminal charges, but bringing a con-artist to justice is no easy feat. We don’t want anyone else to lose their estate goods and their money. Please spread the word and please do not trust these theives with your estate sale. It is hard to imagine how people can be so unscrupulous and dishonest but these people are nothing more than CRIMINALS with absolutely no conscience. Our prayer is that by publishing this information we can save others from being robbed by them too. Judgment day is coming for Lynda and she will reap what she sows.


Name: A Better Choice Estate Sales

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Lilburn

Address: 4045 Five Forks Trickum Rd SW, Suite D17-254

Phone: 770-633-7445

Website: www.abcestatesales.com/

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