A/C Fabricating Review


I ordered a trailer on February 12, 2013. My brother and I were going on a trip to Alaska in May. Well I had to postpone my trip because Bruce sold my trailer to someone else and said he will send me a new trailer with the new updates. I explained I didn’t waant the new updates I wanted what I ordered. So Bruce said he would ship my trailer in June, Well June came and went and still no trailer. After calling Bruce on numerous occassions he finally said my trailer had been shipped…it was now mid July. I finally picked up my trailer, took it home unwrapped it and noticed a dent in the front and more then enough scratches on it. I called and texted Bruce to inform him of what was going on. He acted as if he was pissed off about the damage. Then to top it all off I didn’t get all the wirings, the tires were the wrong ones, I asked for shocks and I got air ride, i wanted a solid 5 spoke rim and didn’t get that either. I have left more then enough messages for Bruce to call me to work this out and he now refuses to answer my calls or return my calls. I have now filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General in Florida and in Georgia.

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