A complete and total Ripoff!!!!


Spotlight Business Credit and Funding are one hell of a waste of time, a huge scam if one, I tell you! They are no different from the other scams of companies who make false claims of providing the best possible results and then but they fail miserably. They have been making a huge deal online about how valuable their services are when they are not. They pretend to be the best in the business. Itís all fake! Bullshit bubble reputation.

As was advertised in their advertisements, the company didn\’t provide the right kind of service at all, and forget about the the results. They are a farce advertising company actually. So how they work is for example you are the owner of a business and have been using your personal credit to withstand your company and its funds so very obviously this is not good for you in the long run. You need to associate yourself with companies that will you to use your EIN for business credit. It will help you build credit for whatever business it is you wish to start and in the long run, such things prove beneficial and are good for the growth of your company. This is where Spotlight Business Credit and Funding comes in. They will promise you to help build your paydex score through which you can easily fund your business. They will also tell you that the wonít need your social security number for such a good deed. You can sense and smell the fail here itself. Spotlight Business Credit and Funding has a person called Ray who claims to be an excellent guide in the business, an apparent know-all and expert in finding you business funding. Now what happens is there are several round one lenders who need your personal credit and other round one funders prohibit you from purchasing products when you donít have personal credit. When this happens with you, somehow Spotlight Business Credit and Funding gets notice of this and they immediately come to your help. They direct you to a list of round one funders who will in fact allow you to buy those same products without your having to make use of your personal credit. Spotlight Business Credit and Funding also claims this will increase your paydex score. That is LIES!!!! Outright LIES!! You will willingly subscribe to their services because in that moment you are in need of the products and canít do without them. This will seem like an easy option. This will bring you to your downfall really. You will be in heavier losses than you started. Once they have hooked you in, they will block you from their loves or whatever. You will never be able to get them on the line again nor be able to get replies to any emails you send. They actually have the audacity to claim that they will respond in 24 hours of your sending the emails. But the bastards never do. No response from them at all at any cost. What on earth is this! They have been running a faÁade online, all false reputation, lies from people, lies word of mouth. I am sure they have been paying people to give testimonials, and positive reviews, they sound sooo fake! The real truth is what I have experienced! When things do no go as they had told you they would, and rest assured they will NOT, these people start hiding their faces and those unresponsive emails and calls, etc continues. You need a good credit score to get a credit card and Spotlight Business Credit and Funding says they are some kind of a bullshit credit builder program that will help you to get a paydex score of 80. Spotlight Business Credit and Funding, I donít trust you one bit! They are no different from the other scams of companies who make false claims of providing the best possible results and then but they fail miserably. You are a fake company and a fraud that deserves no indulgence from honest customers who are genuinely in need of business credit and are looking for an honest company to help them grow in their business. Stop using them to build your empty business from the hard-earned money of honest hard-working people. Such a deed of yours wonít go unnoticed in the eyes of god and you will be penalised for it. God is watching. Bring your conscience alive and do good by people if you wish to prosper. Donít resort to unnatural and dishonest means to build your reputation. You and your fake reviews. I have said this before and I am saying it again, Spotlight Business Credit and Funding is a complete RIPOFF! Shame on you for the unworthy servicing and dishonest servicing. May you rot in hell!

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