A Heart of Gold Adoption Houston Texas Review


We have become victims of the agency “A Heart of Gold Adoptions”” of CA and the affiliated agency “”Adoption Center of Choice”” of Orem

Utah. The owners of the agencies are James and Ken Webb. nWe have a contract for services that we signed with James Webb dated back 16 months ago. During this period we have received 3 “”opportunities”” which turned out to be a scam birth mother looking for up front money without a baby

an extremely sick crack mother with a baby in de-tox and finally a birth mother brokering to the highest bidder with the Webb’s full knowledge of what was going on. We have sent multiple registered letters requesting proof of services and keep receiving the letters back as “”refused””. nWe learned that the agency facilitators left the company last year and that we were left with the owners to deal with. It has been extremely heartbreaking

stressful and not to mention costly in dealing with this agency since then. We are now finally consulting with legal counsel and have also contacted the State Attorney’s Office as well as the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services to place the necessary complaints. This will not bring us a baby but will help prevent other’s from being hurt. nAJnHouston


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