They said the computer classes had been there for 20 years come to find out it was the first classes ever and they where not ready not enough plugs in the computer rooms all old out dated stuff no tools no books closed the school for work and sent us to a further school the teacher and class would just play on the web play games look at porn and i would ask are we going to do something today just surf the web he would say so i stopped going to class | then i was put in night classes in the wrong class for 2 weeks before they new what was going on so now i was 2 weeks behind cause i missed the classes i was suppose to be in so then i go for the A++ class i am so good the teacher tells me to not do my best because i was making it impossible for him to curve the class now i am ready to take the test they say you need two vouchers that i paid for first no now they say you take the test first then get the voucher no back and forth so finaly i get the vouchers and they are both expired and they said i could buy new ones | then i got and invition to my graduation and could bring 2 people to watch me walk and it was dated 2 days earlier so i even missed my graduation because of them i would ask for perfect attendence sheets and they keep telling me soon soon i never got 1 it was a very sad experience and now i am on disablity and they take $200.00 a month from my checks

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