A.M.I Annex Marketing Summerfield Florida


Complaint: A.M.I….hmm where to begin! Lets start out with the interview. I was interviewed recently in October and I was so excited to get a call because I was looking for a job for quite some time. They called me in for an interview within a couple of days. That interview only lasted about 10 minutes. They said if they were further interested they would call me for a second interview. Unfortunately I got a call and went to the second interview which consisted of shadowing a “high roller”” which is there top sellers of the office. The people I met so far were awesome and made me feel at home so naturally I had good feelings about the job. They talk up the job and tell you how much money you can make

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Address: then sugar coat it by telling you how fast you can get promoted

Website: which is what everyone strives for when you get hired. When you hit leadership you have to take out interviews and start training new employees. You will work 7 am to 8pm and only get commission pay for whatever you sell between 10:30 and 5 o clock ( which is not a lot of time to sell anyways). When you take out a trainee they will split commission with you

Phone: after a third interview I got the job. I was so excited to start training and making some money. What they do not tell you is that you do not get any money during the training period. The only money you will see is a bonus of 150 dollars IF you close one account by selling office supplies to a new customer towards the end of your training. Of course being a new employee you have to wait a week after you close that account to get paid that bonus. SO after doing the math you will not see ANY money after a minimum of three weeks

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