A-Maysing Express Transportation


Marlynn Mays and I opened Lat Express link on 8/18/18. We were granted a FedEx contract in which she tried to leave me out on since we had to gain an incorporation in order to do business in Cambridge/ Zanesville Ohio area. The Incorporation is set up in an a address in a rental property, the property off Glenda Ave is a rental property in her moms name. The updated property on Drifton Drive in Columbus is a rental property as well. I understand that neither an LLC or an incorporation can be set up under a rental property. The accountant and her have been working together in order to push me out since I am the one whom started this business and got us to a Fedex contract. FedEx denied me from working on their premises due to the fact that I received a misademnor marijuanna charges in May of last year. I completed my probation and I am working with the state to get it sealed, in which will happen over the next few weeks. The accountant that we had Quentin McDowell, I have always been sceptacle about. Tax returns that were promised all of a sudden drawer up to a few thousand even though I bought 2 sprinter vans in which we are entitled to a tax incentive if we bought brand new sprinters before the beginning of the 2019 business year. Quentin has set up separate accounts at rental properties in Georgia and Ohio stating that the companies are foreign entities. We were guaranteed 60,000 in incentives from ford thru our accountant thru the ford commercial vehicle tax act. I haven’t received a dollar. Marlynn Mays is contract working thru FedEx, working with Quentin McDowell, trying to mess over the system. Marlynn and I started Lat Express Link here at 138 Paradise Way. Going into the FedEx contract it was understood that the same proposition for LAT would apply for A-Maysing. FedEx knows that. My record is clean now but they are still trying to get over on the system even tho she has assault charges in the same state charged from years ago.

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