A One Designs Company Review


Adam Ghadiri – owner of A One Designs Company 2202 N Main St Santa Ana, CA 92706 Absolute SCAM Artist! Total liar in your face. Swindled so many people- see below! Takes your money & disappears! Santa Ana California Adam Ghadiri is the ultimate Persian Con Man! He will, IN FRONT OF YOU- Cry like a baby on how much he loves you and will do the best job on your home improvement. Then he will steal your money and make racists remarks about thern. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! IS HIS NATURE.HE IS THE ULTIMATE CON MAN-SEE THE COURT RECORDS AND 17 LAWSITS AGINST HIM! HE IS A CROOK AND WILL TELL THE COURT HE has no money so he does not get hammered when you have a debtor’s exam for taking money up front and then disappearing. The California State Contractors Board is all over him to revoke his license(s). It is in process, but he will. work illegally anyway. Stop this con man by not hiring him as he will rip you off. Fact. He took my husbands $12,000.00 deposit and disappeared. It is said he is now in Santa Ana. But he is broke! So, what can we do? He lies about properties he owns and is developing that are: SO Beautiful….) but it is all lies! He dons not like Americans and he will stupidly tell you so. Our collective group of now 23 swindled homeowners and all of our judgements against this little creep are frustrated because he has nothing to collect on due to his “habit”. A consummate liar that will screw you Royally if you are DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THIS DEVIL & BLEEDING SOUL THAT WILL CRY IN FRONT OF YOU ON DEMAND ON HOW HE WILL DO SUCH A MARVELOUS JOB FOR YOU…YOU WILL BE IN HEAVEN. THEN HE TAKES YOUR MONEY AND DISAPPEARS. OR WILL STARTS A JOB AND ABANDON IT BY GETTNG INTO A RAGE AND ARGUMENT WITH YOU FOR MORE MONEY & TRYING TO SAY- it was your fault! A SLICK CON MAN THAT SHOULD BE DEPORTED AS HE BRAGS HE DOES NOT HAVE LEGAL UNITED STATES CITIZENESHIP. ICE IS OUT FOR HIM WE ARE TOLD. BUT If he shows up, call the police department and tell them to get a hold of ICE to arrest and deport this slippery Con man. HE EVADES EVERYONE. SLIPPERY AS AN EAL. DO NOT! BE CONNED BY THIS SMALL CREEP. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD COMPANIES OUT THERE. A WORD TO THE WISE.


Name: A One Designs Company

Country: United States

State: California

City: Santa Ana

Address: 2202 N Main St



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