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A-protect Warranty Scam toronto Ontario!!. A-Protect Warranty is truely a ripoff!!! I purchased a warranty from Dynasty Auto at Finch and Weston Rd in Toronto which came with an A-Protect warranty. I knew that most of these aftermarket warranty companies are a scam and offer a low coverage such as $750 or $800 per claim less another $150 deductible which leaves you with next to nothing. So I purchased a $2500.00 coverage with 0 deductible and paid over a $1,000 for it. When my transmission went I called A-Protect Warranty and they sent me to AAMCO transmission. Before going to their selected AAMCO Transmission I went to Honda Dealer. They quoted me $2,943.00 plus tax for a rebuilt transmission including part and labour. When I visited AAMCO I insisted on a written quote, knowing that a written quote according to “Repair & Storage Lien Act” cannot vary for more than 10% upon completion. AAMCO’S quote was initially $2,300.00 which even appeared to be cheaper than Honda’s. When I got a call to go and pick up the car I was asked to pay $2,300.00 plus tax. I thought initially that they wanted me to pay and then receive my reimbursement from A-Protect warranty. When I told them that A-Protect Warranty will pay them directly this is what they said and you will be shocked!; The service advisor said that the written quote was solely my portion of the repair and in reality the repair cost came to $5,099.00. He claimed that they will receive another $2,500.00 from A-Protect. This clearly means the the warranty company was not gonna pay anything on my behalf and they were just making it look like as if money changed hands between A-Protect warranty and AAMCO transmission. Later on, I found out from a gentle man at Eagle Transmission that they do not accept work from most After Market Warranty Companies for excatly that reason. A-protect Warranty is expecting garages to jack up the cost of a selected repair in accordance with the beneficiary’s coverage so they do not have to pay anything. In exchange they guarantee to sent x number of jobs to those participating garages which they like to call “Authorized Repair Facility”. This is a vey old and common scam amongst most after market warranty companies which focibly sent their customers to a selcted garage and do not give the beneficiary to visit the garage of theit own choice. This goes often undetected and is very hard to proof in court. If you have experienced such issue and you have a quote from the garage of your choice which is far less that what you have been charged by A-Protect’s “Authorized Reapir Shop” call OMVIC at 416-226-4500 and take the Used Car Dealer and the Warranty Company to Small Claim’s Court for defrauding you out of your coverage. Albert B (((REDACTED)))

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