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A-R used car and truck parts LLC andy, anthony, & richard ordered, rear axle assembley for 500 dollars plus paid 200 dollars shipping the spider gears were chipped and the magnet was full of metal shavings, and the gear cover had rust hole thru it and leakin Coaldale, Pennsylvania!!. I purchased a rear axle assembly for a 02 extended cab chevy silverado 1500 series off of andy at a-r used parts LLC. Andy stated the part was in A-1 condition. When my mechanic received the part he noticed it looked kind of (rusty) rough. But went ahead and installed it I went and picked the vehicle up and drove it home, before arriving at my house I noticed a real bad grinding noise coming from the rear end, so I immediately pulled off at my in-laws house and checked the rear end oil, which was very very low, and I noticed oil leaking from middle ways off the big gear cover. which i called my mechanic and asked him if he checked the rear end oil after installing part and he said of course I checked it and it was full. So the next day I went to the local chevy dealer and bought a new gear cover gasket, and took it to my mechanic to install and change out gear cover with my old one hoping this would stop the oil from leaking. Upon removing the gear cover, to expose the gears we noticed several of the spider gear teeth were sheared pretty bad and the magnet inside that catches the shavings so no more damage can happen was full of shavings. So I notified a-r about the problem which in return Anthony said he would notify my mechanic, upon notifacation my mechanic said that Anthony kept trying to put words in his mouth by saying it could run for a day before it tears up or 3 yrs so actually the part is running, my mechanic replied yes it is operating at this time but its not in good shape, All i asked a-r was to replace the spider gears a 150 dollar part at Advance Auto or refund me another part, which Anthony replied its running and you bought a used part so its not going to be in the best shape, but when I ordered the part Andy said it was in A-1 shape so explain that Anthony. I actually had to use my old cover plus buy a rear end gasket, plus oil. for a A-1 part.

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