A1 Appliance Service Tulsa Oklahoma Review


On July 25th, 2012 my wife Gretchen Mosley contacted A1 Appliance Service in tulsa oklahoma about our Fisher & Paykel washing machine. The technician looked at our washing machine in five minutes, told her the water pump was out,nand needed to be replaced.n nThe technician from A1 Appliance Service quoted my wife $375.00 to replace the water pump. I checked with the manufacturer of our washing machine earlier in the day and the part only cost $86.64. My wife then called me and told me what the technician wanted to charge and I said we could buy the part for only $86.64 and I would do it myself. nWhen she notified the technician from A1 Appliance Service, he charged us $79.00. He was there for about five minutes. I think this is very unreasonable and that it amounts to extortion. Either pay the $375 and if you don’t then you still paynthem $79.00.

13737 E 11th Street tulsa, Oklahoma United States of America




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