A1 chrome


A1 chrome Bad chrome job city of industry California!!. Had my 40 ford bumpers rechromed. A1 told me thay would fix all problems IE scaling on back side of bumpers any pits, and new bolts and make them look like new. I talked to him at a car show. He also came to my house to pick them up. I did a real stupid thing… I paid him in full with cash… my Bad. He brought them back but did nothing to the back side of bumper. After 3 trys it was a little better but still not good. They even left the washers on the bumpers that they used to hang them in the chrome tank. I dont think A1 does its own chrome work so thay don’t have an address. It was my fault for paying him in the first place but A1 did a really bad job. Avoid A1 chrome in City of Industry like the plague!!

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