A1 Low Cost Mover Llc Houston Texas Review


Wayne called and gave me a price of 65.00 a hour for 3 men no hidden cost…. I cancelled my other movers and went with A1 Movers/ ALowcostmover They go by many names, but his number 713-922-0252-WaynenWhat they do is they show up late 1. They give you contract with a whole different amount, now you can’t cancel because you have taken off work and there they are, so you decide ok, I will pay the higher rate and then when they arrive with your furniture they double the time and if you don’t pay cash before they start unpacking then they will keep your stuff, call the police, and block your number. I had damage furniture which I told the moving guy and I emailed the so called Claims department and within 21 days I get,…Movers said no damage. Cant call him, he’s blocked my number, then he says I have the wrong number, then he is always busy, and now I am getting a lawyer for my damaged furniture. Trust me….Don’t use this guy or this company, I am normally don’t make complaints but this company has it out for many others and I have read report after report!nDO NOT USE!!!!! Houston, Texas on Craiglist they are listed too,,,under many names but same phone number. If you use you will be sorry.

15814 Constitution in Webster or Friendswood Webster, Texas United States of America



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