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My horrific experience was similar to some of the other negative experiences like this one seen on this board: transportreviews.com/review/00198406.asp I have found that these guys are competent UNTIL they have your money in their hands. They work HARD to get your deposit. Then prepare to be scammed! Prepare for deadlines to be missed and costly mistakes to be made! This has been confirmed by other customers and other truckers who deal with them. I would advise you to deal with truckers like directly if you can, and if necessary, have them direct you to a COMPETENT and REPUTABLE broker if you still need one. A1A took my order, took my deposit, confirmed my order destination, and confirmed price and destination with trucking company. Next, they changed the destination zip code to another address 200 miles from my destination location and after car was shipped I received a call demanding that I pay $200 more to deliver it to my address or pay $725 full price to have car RETURNED back to point of origin!!!! WTF!! In addition to claiming I gave them the wrong destination info, it appears they used the same disgusting and unethical tactics with me that they used with another customer, John below: transportreviews.com/review/00198406.asp They also use EVERY means to block negative reviews and create fake favorable ones. See below: I will be sparing no expense to take these guys down in court. Its not about the money anymore! BEWARE!! On Saturday, July 5, 2014 12:30 PM, “(email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin)” wrote: This email is an automatted email to let A1A Express Auto Shipping know that a customer that was reported by your representative as Not A Customer of A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC has responded to the non-customer review process and their review is back up on TransportReviews.com The review may be viewed at: TransportReviews.com/Review/00223452.asp This review may now ONLY BE REMOVED AT THE REQUEST OF THE CUSTOMER. You can contact the customer at their confirmed email address of: IMPORTANT: The customer has the option to post a NEW review within 10 calendar days of this email, regardless of if the company responds to the original review. The new review will replace the original review, leaving only one review. Since the review has been removed and then once again added to the site (due to your claim that the customer did not exist in your database), the result is a new “Added Date” which places the review as t he newest review for the company. Also, as a result of this process an UNSUCCESSFUL NON-CUSTOMER REVIEW has been noted on the data we record about A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC. If applicable, future reports will indicate that A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC has abused this process. We sincerely thank the customer for going through this process.

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