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Complaint: Gary James has a website and Facebook page that he claims provides a service to people with children with special needs. He portrays himself in many ways including computer programmer,Psychologist,English teacher, World class athlete, friends with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd as well as many other outrageous claims. He promises parents of special needs children that they will be considered to win an iPad for their child if they jump through a million hoops (generally creating shares of his paid app reviews) he also will bully families of special needs children (the same ones he claims to want to help) into giving their last pennies to pay it forward.The people that have benefitted from this are his Graphic designer and his attorney. The parents that benefit are those willing to defend his mistreatment of other special needs families, including him regretting to special needs mothers as p*ssies and b*tches and posting their private info on twitter.He also claimed in 2011 that he had 3-6 months to live because he was suffering from terminal cancer (one mother believing these claims helped fundraiser $10,000) He refuses to account for the funds he has taken from special needs families and is currently under investigation by the attorney general in Connecticut.

Tags: Disability Services

Address: 1 Evergreen lane Internet United States of America

Website: www.a4cwsn.com/


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