A&A Optoelectronics Ltd. Brampton Alabama Review


We are an electrical contractor company that purchased light fixtures from A&A Optoelectronics in November 2016 for the project located at 580 Steven Court, Newmarket ON. Those lighting fixtures were 300W LEDs and they can be mounted only at minimum height of 30ft. Installation of this type of fixtures required the uses of the elevated platform and therefore it’s got to be covered by the manufacture warranty. We’ve had an issues with other companies in the past when similar situations had place and some of the fixtures stopped working during the warranty period we were provided with a replacement fixtures and were reimbursed for all the expenses related to the rental of the elevated platforms/ boom bucket trucks and additional labour related to the replacement of the defective fixtures. When we purchased lighting from A&A Optoelectronics they assured us about the quality of their product and warranty. They haven’t mentioned that their warranty doesn’t cover any expenses for equipment or labour related to the replacement of the defective products. Beginning of April 2017 we got a complain from the client that one put four light fixtures at 580 Steven Court stopped working. Our crews went down to the site to investigate and found that one of the fixtures burnt out due to the internal issue. We’ve notified A&A Optoelectronics about the situation. It took them 4month to get us a replacement fixture. Our expenses for the labour and equipment in this case went up to $1980+tax. We’ve requested them to reimburse us for that but they refuse providing us with the warranty waiver that they haven’t provided to us at the date of the purchase. As earlier said those light fixtures can be mounted at the minimum height of 35 ft. Dishonest company that doesn’t stay behind the quality of their product.

616 Gordon Baker Rd. Toronto, Ontario Canada

416 493 6888


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