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A&A Towing, Zubin Fitter ,Owner, Illegal Towing: Lawlessly using spotters guised as fake “security” or “parking management”. Exploiting Long Beach residents with overcharged fees, while living lavishly in a million dollar gated Laguna Niguel home. Long Beach California!!. A&A Towing, operated by Zubin Fitter, has for years exploited Long Beach residents. Zubin Fitter is a pathological liar, hiding behind the gates of his million dollar Laguna Niguel home on Coronado Pointe. Zubin Fitter will dodge process services upon a civil suit and is known to reset court dates as an immature stall tactic. A&A Towing hires “spotters”, like Jesus Flores, who operates “Parking Management Inc.” or “PMI”. Jesus Flores is a convicted criminal who had his security license and business license revoked, and was caught on CBS Investigates for issuing fake parking tickets. Jesus Flores previously ran “Management Security Services”, which is now run by his wife, Carmen. Vehicle Code 22658(l)(1)(a) states that a property owner, manager, or agent of the property must be present and sign off at the time a vehicle is impounded.Further, 22658(l)(1)(E)(i) states that authorization to impound a vehicle “shall not be delegated to a towing company or its affiliates”. In other words, a property owner, manager, lessee, or agent of the property MUST call out, authorize the impound, and be present at the time of the impound. A towing company CANNOT patrol parking lots and spot out cars at their own accord OR use their own afflilates, like “PMI” or “Parking Management Inc.” to patrol parking lots. Perhaps most concerning is that A&A Towing attempts to bypass with Californa Vehicle Code (22658(l)(1)(A) by hiring third-party affiliates like “Parking Management Inc.”, “PMI”, or other third party affiliates to patrol parking lots for them. Much of the time, the property manager or owner is unaware of the vehicle code, and A&A Towing offers up “free security” or “free patrols”. But this is ILLEGAL. The property itself must make the initiative to call out the impound, NOT the towing company or their affiliates. But many times, these impounds are done at late hours of the night when no property owner, manager, or agent of the property is available, which is A&A Towing’s favorite time to run wild and impound cars illegally. For years, A&A Towing targetted Rite Aid parking lots by monitoring them at their own accord at Rite Aid locations on Cherry Ave. and 2nd St. After I contacted Rite Aid executives, I discovered that they did not authorize “Parking Management Inc.” or “PMI” to spot out vehicles in their parking lots. Rite Aid had to intervene and demand that A&A Towing stop their illegal towing schemes in their parking lots. A&A Towing also regularly overcharges victims illegal fees, called “administrative fees”, and charges lien fees in under 72 hours, which is illegal.

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