AAA All Star Discount Auto Transporters


AAA All Star Discount Auto Transporters Lisa Cooper and Paul Baldwin Company is a scam. Classic bait and switch. Please advise. Internet!!. This company is a scam at the least. They lure you in by offering a competitive price to ship your vehicle. Lisa Cooper and Paul Baldwin will comfort you over the phone and tell you everything you want to hear so you book with them to ship your vehicle. AA Discount Auto Transport Inc. will make you pay a $299 deposit to ship your car. Next, they will tell you they are going to look for drivers to pick up your vehicle. After about 3 weeks to a month they will contact you telling you they are truly sorry, but they cannot find a driver at your price and they will need at least $400 more to ship the vehicle. Being that you already gave the company a deposit for a promised price much lower, most people will decline and want their money back. Paul Baldwin will then become impossible not letting the customer speak and refuse to work with you unless they receive more money. If you try and argue are plea your case, he will hang up on you every time without question. Paul claims he has worked in the business for 17 years and this is the name of the game. Lisa Cooper “Pauls Manager” will then get on the phone or contact you stating she is sorry and that there is nothing she can do. Lisa is just as conniving as Paul if not worse. Bottom line AA discount Auto Transport Inc. is classic bait and switch scam. I would recommend to steer clear from this company at all costs.

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