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AAA Mid Atlantic Bait and Switch!!. Iu2019ve been a Triple A member for more than 10 years. I highly value my membership. I am a single woman living in Baltimore with no relatives closer than 90 miles away in Philadelphia. Triple A is my husband, my brother, my father, that reliable family member who comes to my assistance when I am stuck on the road. I am a poor woman living on Social Security disability and have never owned a new car. I currently own a 1996 Mercedes E320. It is the latest model Iu2019ve ever owned. I purchase the premier membership plan because I regularly drive between Philadelphia to visit family, and Washington, DC for classes. A plan that does not cover the first 100 miles is useless to me. My renewal date is September 30. Iin mid u2013September I went on line and renewed. I followed the links that popped up when I logged in. I thought the price was a bit low, but thought maybe because I am a repeat customer there is some kind of discount being applied. In any event, I thought I had u201crenewedu201d my premier membership until last night. My car ran hot enroute to class in Jessup, MD. I stopped on the highway, added antifreeze and oil and made my way to class. My plan was to call Triple A a half hour before class ended for a tow back to Baltimore to my mechanic, Royal Motors on Belair Road. When I called, I was informed that the first 5 miles were covered but I would have to pay for the rest. I was sure there had been an error because I always purchase the premier membership. It turned out that, without informing me or asking me if I wanted a different plan, my membership had been downgraded because, u201cI used Triple A services too many times during the previous year.u201d How could that ever be so? I am only covered for 5 tows and after that I have to pay out of pocket. So how could I possibly use more than what I paid for? I did have an especially rough year particularly between March and June of 2017. My Mercedes was totaled on March 7, 2017. It took 2.5 months to have it rebuilt. My insurance only covered 30 days worth of rentals. I purchased clunkers to get me back and forth until my car was ready. At least twice, if not three times, I had to call for a tow for those clunkers I spoke with a supervisor who told me nothing could be done. I was stuck with a classic membership. I told her it was of no use to me and she could cancel it and refund my money. She said she would cancel it but I would not get a refund. I am appealing to Bernard Koch, Mid Atlantic’s Chief Executive Officer, to do the right thing. I am a long time premier customer and wish to remain a premier customer. It is the only level of membership that that provides coverage for the distances I regularly drive. My membership renewed on October 1. I was within 30 days and had not used Triple A services so if a premier membership is out of my reach please do the right thing and return my money if you cannot offer me a membership that is useful to me. I live on an income of $1,050 per month. Paying for a membership I cannot use is not something I can afford.

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