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Complaint: If you ever learn about misconduct related to Louri Smith, Cindy Chavez, or Santa Clara County Board of supervisors President Dave Cortese do not report to any of these three persons. These three individuals are close friends. Santa Clara County Family Court screener Lori Penn from Morgan Hill made nonsense recommendation related to the minor custody mentioned above and about time minor would spend with each parent. Lori Penn’s recommendations to the court highly favored the deputy being investigated of childporn and other allegations. The attorney of deputy shortly after these reccomendation announced she was retiring. Her cases were passed to Lori Penn’s husband Stephen Penn with law office in Morgan Hill and Hollister. He is currently the attorney for the deputy. Commissioner Irwin Joseph accepted Lori Penn’s recommendations. He would have private hearings for this case as a way to protect this deputy from public humiliation. Other judges just had the regular open hearings where the rest of the people in the court room could hear what was being discussed. In the his last hearing wiht this case, Joseph would ask the mother of the minor to “OK impress me”” when giving her turn to talk. The hearing became emotionally heavy for the comissioner since the mother of minor confronted his statement. She told him she believed he was gender biased and a racist. She also told him she was there to protect her child not to impress him. He ended the hearing emotionally shocked by the direct confrontation and words. His face was red. A different judge took the case after that incident. Girloy Christopher High School Counselor Donya Maiorino told mother of minor she did not believe anything mother has said. This information was recorded in a Schooloop email mother sent to Christopher High School principal who never responded. Mother of minor requested extra support for the minor academically and emotionally. School never appropriately responded. Tanya stated she had so many cases

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