AAG AUTO APRISAL GROUP INC. Very unproffessional, did not know what they were doing. Had a check off list that his cronies do, then they fax it in for the appraisals. dose not list one. Nationwide!!. I have had the misfortion of having these guys at my home on two accaissions. Expect them to live with you for your whole day. When I say whole day I’m talking 5 to 6 hours, then the guy forgot his tools and had to come back on Sat. for another hour….. Same as the first inspection on a car that I had done 3 years prior. The company sends guys out that they pay 100.00 plus mileage, and all they do is check offs of around 12 pages, then they open and close doors over and over, trunk and hoods as well, they have you run the engine for a long period of time, then they want to take your car for a ride. I will not let these flakes drive my stuff. I had him ride in the passengers side. I have been a Fl. St. licesed investigator of over 22 years. Some cases I have had to do compreble values as tax men do as well as realtors. I had to get state certified for these things, unlike the guys they send. We would go by real market values of whats selling and what is not as well as whatwhat no saled and the compared nosales. Just exactly like homes with realtors. The bank that hired them paid for an expidided service 2 to 3 days, they got the appraisal a little over a week latter and still had to pay out over 500.00. I never will allow these guys at my home ever again, they don’t have a clue guys, not a damb clue. good luck!

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