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I was given orders by a doctor to use AAL Ref. Labs for a specific health test. The company was located in California. This particular test is done and mailed in to the company for results. I mailed my test to California – where I had previously called and gotten all the codes for the test and then called my insurance company for verification on payment. My insurance company was to pay at 100%. nIn the meantime, AAL moved to Austin, Texas and had not received PPO status in that state, when they billed me. Therefore my insurance company would not pay at 100%. I have contacted this company many, many times and have all documentation of dates, times, who I spoke with, etc. Was told on the last conversation that I was not the only one with this complaint, but the Board of Directors for the company had decided to go ahead with making each of us pay the difference. The company has decided this week to turn me over to a collection agency. We are talking about 350.00. nI did my homework, I made a long distance phone call to California, I listened for 25 minutes to each and every code and wrote them all down. I called my insurance company and listed each and every code to them, for verification on payment. It is not my fault the company chose to move to a state where they had no PPO status! This is wrong for this company to do this to consumers. nMichellenGriffin, GeorgiaU.S.A.

1826 Kramer Lane Ste G Austin, Texas U.S.A.

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